Why Rehearsal Dinner Coverage is Important


Your wedding weekend is finally here and as we kick it off with the rehearsal dinner I would love to be by your side! Why? I love telling stories and your wedding is more than a day, you have spent months planning where your guests stay, welcome parties, brunches and rehearsal festivities – when I can create imagery from your multiple events of your weekend you get a more complete story of all that hard work.

It also gives me the opportunity to connect with all your favorite people and learn how they see and love you! Hearing your best friends from college, childhood and your parents toast you opens up my understanding of you! The ridiculous stories that bring everyone to laughter, the sweet ones that bring tears to our eyes – they create a more complete picture of who you are. Knowing you is my number one priority and how I create emotion filled photographs.

All your faves are gathered close – and I get to know exactly who they are! This means that going into the wedding day I have learned who those most precious to you are and it allows us to watch them and capture your relationships. The wedding day is about the two of you but we also aim to create photos that show the narrative of your closeness with your parents, grandparents and friends.

Caroline & Beau kicked off their wedding weekend at City Club of Fort Worth with floral by Justines Flowers and planning by Sarabeth Events. Live music filled the room as guests mingled, the couple hugged everyones necks and filled their glasses before settling down for a delicious meal and so many good stories – our sides hurt from laughing. During dinner we snuck out for some city view portraits in Caroline’s stunning reception dress and cute shoes!

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