engagement portrait with children to make them feel included in the wedding planning by tracy autem

Including Your Children in Your Engagement Portraits


Sometimes when one gets down on a knee and asks will you marry me they are asking more than the person in front of them. A wedding can be the joining of 2 lives or more if children are part of the story. When this happens it’s extra special to include the kids in your engagement session for a few reasons.

It helps them feel part of the process and makes it known that they are forming a new family. This is the perfect time for casual family photos to complement the wedding day portraits.

It creates familiarity with the photographer so that on the wedding day your children are calm and comfortable. Let’s face it, many adults are huge fans of having their photos taken, kids can be the same! Getting them face time with the photographer will make it easier on the wedding day and help them know what to expect when it comes to posed portraits.

Engagement photos are all about capturing this pre-wedding time in your life and if you have children they are a part of it. We recommend inviting your little ones to join the first half of the session and then letting them go have fun at a local park or pick up dinner with a family member so the last part of the session can focus on the two of you. That is what we did for this session where the bride’s daughter frolicked with us at the Botanic Gardens before we headed to the Art Museums for some grown up only time. I am so happy I got to spend time with everyone that will be part of this new family later this summer.

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