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When to Schedule Your Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portraits


When to Schedule Your Bridal Portrait


Are you wondering when to schedule your bridal portraits?

There are a few key factors to consider, first being when your dress is delivered and altered. Dresses can take a few weeks to many months to be shipped to your gown store based on location, design and customizations. Once your gown arrives depending on the alterations needed and your seamstress workload it can take a 1-2 months to complete the needed adjustments. As soon as you go to your first fitting ask them for an ETA on alterations to be complete and then start conversations with your photographer, makeup team & florist about setting a date.

You want to have your session close to the wedding date but not so close that it limits your options on having a portrait for display. Ideally we ask clients to book it within 3 months of the wedding and aim for no closer than 3 weeks. That provides enough time for editing and ordering. We do suggest beginning the conversation of what you want to display if having your session in the last 30 days before your wedding as some custom framing and products take a full 3 weeks for production.

Last you will want to work with your employer on a date that works for you to take off. I know there are so many things happening leading up to the wedding that require PTO but due to the nature of arranging your photographer, florist, hair, makeup team as well as a location you will find weekends are almost impossible to coordinate. If one is available another won’t be but a weekday will have more success. Some locations don’t allow portraits on the weekends (wedding venues/churches) and other spots will be very crowded (outdoor gardens.)

Regan selected her ceremony church for her bridal portraits. The classic architecture worked well with her timeless wedding gown, long cathedral veil and neutral white bouquet. Loved my digital and film images from these session.

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