2 years ago almost to the day I arrived at Marty Leonard Chapel and met John and some family as he anxiously waited for Kathryn to arrive to "look at the chapel" - they had been talking about getting married and were doing some pre-planning before getting engaged. Little did she know she was about to be engaged - in the exact spot she would later become Johns wife.

This time we gathered at the chapel to say I do - it was postponed from covid but worth the wait!

I love this couple and their family - I know I say that all the time but I really mean it! After spending 2 years with this family I got so invested in them. The day was perfect!

After getting ready at The Worthington we met up at a local park where John & Kathryn shared their first look and some time alone before photos with their wedding party. At the chapel these two were smiles and winks and laughs the entire ceremony - their magnetic attraction and love for one another is so apparent.

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