city skyline engagement portrait from parking garage in black and white

Why You Should Take Engagement Photos


Engagement photos have become an integral part of the wedding planning process but more couples are asking are they necessary? If you are cost cutting or considering if they are needed you might be quick to chop them off your list. They are a necessity if you have any worries and anxiety about having your photograph taken, why? Having a chance to relate to your photographer and gain confidence in front of the camera will result in you feeling relaxed and almost unaware of the photographers on the wedding day.

Most photographs you have taken in life you know the photo is coming and you are probably looking at the camera. On the wedding day you want to be able to enjoy every moment and feel natural not looking at the camera. During an engagement session you will have the chance to practice this and become more comfortable with this style of photography.

Wedding photography trends have shifted to a more candid, relaxed and authentic style and one way to guarantee nailing those images is getting to know your photographer. What better way, than to spend quality time with them ahead of the wedding. During an engagement session you will have the chance to laugh and talk about life with your photographer allowing them to understand you and more importantly learn to anticipate your movements, smiles and embraces with each other.

Rielley & Micheal knew getting a chance to be in front of the camera would guarantee great photos for their summer wedding. I selected some of my favorite downtown locations for their city skyline vibes session. Makeup by Maitee Miles

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