Why a Sunrise Photo Shoot Might be Best For You


Olivia & Jacob

When you might want to select a sunrise session

Engagement Portraits at Mule Alley, Stockyards and Downtown Fort Worth

It’s time to schedule your photo shoot but it is one of those dreaded months of summer in Texas where daytime temps easily hit triple digits. Even at sunset the temp is still sweltering!

Don’t fear! You can schedule your session at sunrise! The morning has a golden hour just like the evening and it provides beautiful light and much cooler temps. For example, a July date with a estimated temp of 101 may start in the upper 80’s in the morning and that is much more managable.

We prefer to reschedule a session if the expected temps are triple digits if the session is set to be longer than 30 minutes. Why? Makeup and hair can not stand up to those intense temps meaning that you will not feel and look your best. Sweat is our enemy on these days and it can show on your face and clothing.

Deserted streets in the morning is another perk! The Mule Alley area of the Stockyards is one of the busiest places in Fort Worth. But on this summer morning, Olivia & Jacob, had it all to themselves!

As we finish up your morning photo session the temp will have risen – usually about 10 degrees! Time for brunch or an iced coffee!

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