Bridal Portrait Bride at Robert Carr Chapel on TCU Campus Fort Worth Texas

Top 3 Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Portrait

Bridal Portraits

Bridal Portrait of Summer

Top 3 Reasons to Schedule a Bridal Portrait

at Robert Carr Chapel, TCU Campus

As you prepare for the wedding you have taken care in selecting every detail: where you will say I do to the shoes on your feet. All these big and small choices will add up to your final wedding day but ahead of that I recommend scheduling a bridal portrait. Why? Here are my top 3 reasons to prioritize this southern tradition!

1 – Your bridal portrait day is the perfect, and likely the only opportunity you will have, to try on your entire wedding day look. When you go to your hair/makeup trials you likely showed up in a comfy outfit, not a strapless or lace gown. When you went to dress fitting was your hair thrown up in a bun and did you think to bring your jewelry? On the day of your session you can see it all together and allow yourself the space to assess if everything has come together as you envisioned. If it doesn’t, you have time to change it! Order new shoes, pick up some different jewelry or chat with your beauty team about some updates.

2 – When you go to dress fittings you stand on the pedestal while the seamstress marks and works on making sure the fit is perfect. You are still, statuesque, and likely standing with that good posture your Mom told you to have. On the wedding day you are fluid, moving, dancing! At the bridal session you will have to opportunity to ask yourself if the dress truly fits and is comfortable. At the end of your session I will help you assess fit. If I noticed you pulling on the dress or complaining of discomfort we will talk through how to bring that up to your seamstress for further alterations. Now on the big day you can be confident it stays in place and feels great!

3 – There are so many nerves as you approach the wedding weekend. At your bridal session you will have a few hours to feel and be a bride with myself and your closest friends/family. It’s amazing how often my brides tell me they felt nervous going into the session but that they actually feel more peaceful about going into the wedding day now. A bridal portrait builds you confidence about your choices and yourself. Who doesn’t want to feel more confident and secure going into their wedding?

So will you sign up to have a bridal portrait ahead of the wedding? Let me know if you have any questions or how I can help you ahead of the big day! For Summer’s bridal session at Robert Carr Chapel on TCU Campus we spent 2 hours, her Mother, herself and I, connecting and creating these classic images. Summer wanted photos that reflected the tradition and timeless vibes of her day and we accomplished that!

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