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Tips For getting The Best Candid Reception Photos



Tips For getting The Best Candid Reception Photos


The I do’s have been said and it is finally time to celebrate! At your wedding reception there will be a few formalities to check off the list like toast, cake cutting and special dances but the rest of the night is unscripted. This time creates some of my favorite opportunities for photographs as the pressure is off and everyone is being totally themselves. You won’t see me off to the side waiting for the next big event, I am always right by you, ready to capture the unplanned moments!

For the best candid reception photography here are my top 3 things to keep in mind:

As you move through your reception you can ignore us for the most part. You don’t need to stare us down or feel awkward, we want to capture you interacting with your loved ones. IF you do want a photo with friends never hesitate to let us know – I always joke that I am like your phone for the evening that takes much better lit images! Then after we snap your group picture you can get back to enjoying your evening.

Stay close to each other as you mingle or dance. This doesn’t mean be glued to each other but intentionally know where your spouse is and return to them every little while. This ensures that you have photos together through out the night. If one of you is a dancing queen and the other is a wall flower having a plan will guarantee you still have photos together doing what each other likes.

It’s normal to feel self conscious when you are the couple. Everyone is excited to see you, hug and dance with you! Our cameras will be focused on you for much of the day but rest easy that only the best photos will make it into your final gallery. Mid chat mouths or odd expressions will not make the cut so enjoy the day with full abandon!

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