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Laura – Bridal Portraits at Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth

Tracy Autem 2015

I am so ready for warm temperatures and sunny days with all this rain!  I am thinking back to this gorgeous girl’s bridal portraits last summer at The Botanic Gardens of Fort Worth.  I loved her fluffy fun gown by Stardust Celebrations.  The corset detailed  top was sexy yet elegant and was perfectly accented with a belt.  Laura’s look was pulled together by the Styling Stewardess and BA Beauty.  Look at that classic pale bouquet with subtle colors by Lush Couture!  Cheers to brighter days ahead!


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Lindsay & Adam {Engaged} Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and Downtown

Lindsay and Adam are getting married the coming November and last week we finally had a chance to hang out for their engagement session.  I hadn’t met Adam and he was a hoot to get to know.  Within in seconds of starting the session Lindsay asked for him to tell her a story, he said he didn’t have one BUT the rest of the session he had stories that made her laugh and that made me happy.  This man knows how to make his soon to be wife smile, and squish into him and generally glowing.  These two are definitely in love and I am so glad they both had the guts to go out on that blind date.  It was most definitely fate.

Elisabeth & Will {Engaged} Fort Worth Botanic Gardens and Grassy Fields

When I met Elisabeth and her Mom a few weeks ago it was an immediate match.  Her Mom was so sweet and well, Elisabeth is absolutely stunning.  Those eyes, the hair…..so in love with her looks and she is just the nicest girl to boot!  Will and Elisabeth are currently doing the long distance thing while they are engaged so he made a trip of from west Texas to meet me and to capture some engagement portraits.  I don’t think Will knew he would be SO good at having his photo taken.  Elisabeth has a model past so she is a pro and with her influence and his natural love for this beauty he was nothing but perfection in front of my camera.  I am SO SO SO thrilled to be photographing their December wedding coordinated by the ever so Extraordinary Julie Eastman.

They laugh and look SO good together!


We had PERFECT light.  AHHHHHH.

In addition to nice light we had a butterfly swarm, look at those amazing little creatures flying all around them!

Laura & Jeff


Perfect wind making this moment have even more energy.

These two headed up last week from Austin for some wedding planning and errands.  So many of our couples live out of the area and I have so much respect for them as it is hard work to plan a wedding from a distance.  I was excited to take the opportunity to hang out with these two and get to know them on  a Saturday morning before they day really took off with tastings and meeting their officiant.

I had not shot at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens in ages so it was neat to play there before hitting a new spot, a cute cottage I recently found.  Jeff is so sweet to Laura and they really were just adorable.  Their wedding is coming up fast in early May so I will see you guys soon!


sweet symmetry





One of my favorites from the session, I always adore the about to kiss moment.


such a BLUE sky!




Love the perspective on this one through the trees with the fence.




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