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Alyssa & Ken – Engagement Portraits in DallasWinspear & Deep Ellum

Meet Ken & Alyssa!  These two connected online, met for coffee and have been inseparable for 4 years.  After spending a few hours with them last week I can vouch that they are perfectly suited for each other.  Both having interests in gaming and the intellectual side of things I am sure they have deep conversation and lots of laughs.  These two were engaged in Cabo San Lucas on Christmas Eve 2 years ago, he had the ring in his pocket, she joked about it being the perfect place to pop the question, and he asked!  I love that they are so in tune!  I can’t wait for their fall wedding at Arlington Hall – they are going to have a fun laid back cocktail style reception with so many diverse activities and pieces of unique entertainment.  I am counting down!

Thanks Alyssa & Ken for hanging out with me last week – I had the best time!


Rachel & Micah – Engagement Session at Fort Worth ParksFW Water Gardens

Rachel & Micah are getting married later this summer and I can’t wait for their wedding at the Kimbell Art Museum.  These two met through a mutual friend who told them they had to meet each other – after a few months they finally met and a year later they are planning a wedding.  These two are super busy professionals so Micah has been taking lead on wedding planning while Rachel is working through a busy physician residency.  When not working these two love to hike, visit family and spend time together.  See you guys in a few months!


Jacy & Bobby – Engagement Session at Fort Worth ParksBoaz & Tandy Hills

Jacy and Bobby have been together since high school.  These two met freshman year and were instantly best friends, attached at the hip – but Jacy knew she liked Bobby more than just friends.  Bobby, like most high school boys was oblivious at first but eventually they had their first kiss and have been together ever since!  Now it’s time to get married!  These two love to take photos and have many times over the years.  In fact Bobby used a photo session as cover for his proposal, here is their will you marry me story:

“His family had just taken a group picture (which was an excuse to have his whole family there) and they were helping us take ours. One person was shading the camera, one was holding the camera bag, and the rest were just watching. In one of the photos, he knelt down and had the ring. It was perfect!! Both of our families were there and I loved it.”

I can’t wait to celebrate with these two at BRIK this summer!



Janie & Alex – Engagement Portraits at Sundance Square & Nature ParkFort Worth, Texas

I just adore Alex & Janie!  From the moment they walked into my office I just clicked with them and wanted to photograph their wedding!  Thankfully they said yes to me and last week on a beautiful winter day we explored Fort Worth for their engagement session.  These two met in math class at TCU and fell in love almost 4 years ago.  They will be getting married this fall at Whiskey Ranch!  After their session I am even  more excited for this wedding – they love each other fiercely.  Watching them together gave me goosebumps!  Centering their relationship is a strong foundation in Christ – this last year has been an adventure as they have been waiting on the what’s next for their lives.  I see how they have been called into this time in preparation for their marriage – this relationship is going to do great things!  Love you guys and can’t wait to hear your vows, watch you walk the aisle and celebrate with you both.




Darby & Justin – Proposal Story at Studio SabkaFort Worth, Texas

I love weddings!  But the wedding starts with the proposal and I am always so excited to get the opportunity to photograph the moment when He says will you marry me and she says YES!!!!

A few weeks ago Darby’s Dad called me about photographing the upcoming engagement of his daughter.  I photographed one of his other daughter’s weddings a few years ago so I was so happy that I was available and able to work with this family again.

Darby is a budding artist, she loves to paint.  Her fiancé Justin orchestrated one of the most touching and thoughtful proposals.  He told her they were going to be attending a painting class together at Studio Sabka in downtown Fort Worth.  Little did she know while they had a delicious dinner their family and friends were transforming this gallery into a showing of her paintings!  When they walked in she was surrounded by her very own art and Justin dropped to one knee as he asked her to marry him.  She said YES! Then their family and friends cheered and enjoyed a lovely eating toasting champagne, admiring her new bling and telling her all the times they had to lie to her that week to keep the secret.

Before taking the party to her parents house Darby & Justin headed over to the Modern Art Museum with me to take some engagement portraits with the holiday lights.  It was gorgeous!  Thanks Darby & Justin for letting me tell you story and best of wishes in all your wedding planning and your marriage!

Caroline & Max – Engagement Session at Colonial Country ClubFort Worth, Texas

I am so excited about this wedding!  Why?  Because Max is the brother of one of my fabulous past brides and Caroline is her best friend!  It’s a perfect match and I just love them together.  I love their beginning story as it may have taken awhile to move from friends to romance but I think it’s perfection:

“Max and I met when I was a freshman in college at OU because I was his sisters roomate. Abbey and I ended up living together all four years of college and naturally max and I became close friends since he was also at OU with us. Never crossed my mind of dating him during college because he was abbeys big brother. He took care of us, was always there when we needed him, and became one of my closest guy friends. It wasn’t until post grad that our paths crossed when we were both back living in dallas. We started hanging out with each other more and more and one night it hit me that I was developing feelings for him. We talked and both mutually agreed that feelings were there but had to get abbeys blessing before anything happened. So after talking to her and filling her in we decided to see what would happen. Although weird at first, since to everyone he was “Abbey’s brother”, the narrative eventually changed to just Max and Caroline. It happened very organically and out of the blue but I can’t imagine now us not being together. Two and a half years later and were getting married.” – Caroline

For their engagement session we selected The Colonial Country Club.  Both of these two have ties to golf and it’s classic backdrops, gorgeous golf course and of course these two happy people made for perfection!  Caroline’s Mom served as our tour guide and showed us some amazing spots on the golf course then we played inside.  I adore this silhouette shot above – so sexy and elegant!

Can’t wait for the wedding you two!  Have fun this week on your family vacay!


Brittany & Tommy – Engagement Photos at Willowood RanchBells, Texas

Brittany and Tommy are just adorable and we had a blast in almost Oklahoma for their engagement session at Willowood Ranch.  Brittany is a California girl and she loved that this Texas ranch had some soft rolling hills that reminded her of home.  It was hot but we had  blast exploring the ranch and doing a little off-roading in my SUV to get to some perfect spots!  I may have picked a few to many to share today but I don’t care – I couldn’t narrow it down any further!  These two met at TCU their freshmen year and next year in March they will be husband and wife.  Here is their proposal story:


“As my family lives in California, and his family is in Texas & Alabama we’ve always done Christmas apart to be with each of our families. This year was no different. Tommy dropped me off at the airport and I flew out to California a few days before Christmas. He was off to see his family for the holidays…or so I thought! The next day, while I was spending time with my sister last minute shopping for gifts, Tommy was taking an early flight out to California with an important carry on item. One airport fire, two hour security lines, and a missed layover later, he finally landed in Orange County where my brother in law secretly picked him up. Meanwhile my sister, my best friend and I met for lunch at a restaurant at the Montage Hotel overlooking Laguna Beach to catch up and enjoy the day off before the family functions began the following days. While we enjoyed some frose and lunch with a view catching up, Tommy and my brother in law were down on the beach setting up for the big surprise. After being told there was a free wine tasting for guests and patrons of the hotel down on the beach, we got up from our table and headed down towards the beach for free wine. As we approached the stairs to go down to the beach, I overlooked the cliff and saw a heart outlined in sand with dozens of rose petals and candles, and letters spelling out “Marry Me” and a man that looked just like Tommy. I looked back at my sister and best friend to ask in shock if that was Tommy, sure enough they were filming me on their phones and confirmed it was him and to ‘go get him!” Tommy brought me to the middle of the heart in the sand, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! The celebrations commenced with joy on a little blanket in the sand with champagne and the waves crashing into the sunset. A limo then picked us up and took us to dinner over Dana Point Harbor. I was truly surprised and beyond excited to spend forever together! He did SO well!”


Tommy is a great guy and I can not wait to hang out with them again!



Sara & Brock – Engagement Session at Botanic Gardens & Art MuseumsFort Worth, Texas

Brock and Sara have known one another a long time, they met in high school youth group but never really hung out.  Later though as they both choose University of Texas at Austin for college they were reconnected at one of Brock’s fraternity parties.  He asked her to the Texas – Oklahoma game sophomore year and now they have been dating 7 years!  They were engaged on their 7th anniversary, here is their proposal story:

“It was our 7 year anniversary and Brock told me we were going to get drinks and then go to dinner. So we were all dressed up and we show up and what I discovered was an apartment complex, and he said we were getting drinks on the roof. When we get to the top, he had pictures of us throughout the years lined up on the railing, and an aisle of candles with a sign at the end that said Brock and Sara. We were on top of South Side lofts, so we had a perfect view of the Dallas skyline, and he hired a photographer to take pictures while he was talking. Once he proposed our families popped out from hiding behind the side of the building!”


Their wedding next year at the Omni in Dallas with Meredith Commender of Significant Events is going to be amazing and I can’t wait!  This weekend 1 year to the day before they say I Do my team will be photographing their engagement party!



Katherine & Ben – Engagement Portraits at Fort Worth Trinity TrailsFort Worth, Texas

Katherine and Ben are awesome – I mean look at this killer dress and tux they wore for their engagement session!  I love these two and for them it is the year for weddings – all of their friends are getting married and soon enough it will be there turn!  Their adventures as wedding guests have taken them to 5 states but they will be kicking of 2019 with their own wedding here in Fort Worth!  I love how these two met, here is their beginning story in Katherine’s own words:

“Ben and I met in Fort Worth, TX in December of 2014. His sister, who is one of my childhood friends, and his mom, were trying to set us up. Ben had just moved back home from San Antonio, where he had been working and living for 2+ years. Coincidentally, he bought a house on the street behind where I bought my house six months before, and the proximity sparked the initial set up by his mom and sister. We kept in touch but both continued seeing other people and enjoying being newly single in Fort Worth. We started seeing more of each other once he was moved in to his house around March, and the more we saw of each other, the more we realized we didn’t want to see anyone else. Fast forward to June and we decided to officially “DTR”! It will be three years this June 2018. ”

I am so looking forward to their wedding in January!  Thanks guys for hanging out with me, braving bugs and waterfalls and for being so incredibly perfect in front of the camera!






Hayley & David – Engagement Photos at Winspear Opera House & Highland ParkDallas, Texas

Hayley and David will be getting married later this summer at White Sparrow Barn and I can’t wait for their elegant wedding!  These two are precious together!  They met at the University of Oklahoma 7 years ago and have built a strong relationship with each other and their families.  Family is important to these two – Hayley’s Dad came to our consultation a few weeks ago and I can not wait to see him react to his daughter in her wedding gown!  Dad might cry, I might cry and even David might cry when it’s his turn to see his bride!  I love that David knows family matters to his bride – so much so that he planned the perfect proposal.  Here is their engagement story in Hayley’s own words:

“David and I love wine (trader joes $2.00 bottles are at the top of the list). Because we both know absolutely nothing about wine we had been talking about going to a local winery for a weekend trip. Since Davids work schedule is crazy he suggested we just go to one local and see if we like it before spending the money to go somewhere like Napa.

Off we went, or so I thought to a vineyard in Athens, Texas.

My parents have a lake house at Cedar Creek Lake, 30-minutes away from Athens. When we pulled off towards the lake from the highway I did not really think anything of it. I was too busy researching wine information so we did not look silly at the tasting.

Then we pulled into my parents gate.. And I knew he was being weird but again, I did not know why.

As we approached the driveway and got out I saw flower petals scattered towards the entry of the house. With the help of my sweet family he had transformed the front of the house into a floral heaven. There, underneath an arch way, David dropped down on one knee and proposed.

Of course I said YES!

Once I said yes, my family jumped out and surprised me. We took lots of pics but, something was missing.. His family! When I asked he told me they were at the restaurant waiting for us.

Little did I know they were with all of our closest family and friends setting us a huge surprise engagement party.

It was PERFECT.”

I have a feeling that the perfect proposal is going to lead to the perfect wedding day and I am truly honored to be apart and can’t wait to capture all the laughter, tears, joy and love these two have.








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