Tracy is a dynamic speaker whose vulnerability & tell it like it is attitude disarms & engages listeners.

        Tracy Autem is the owner and lead photographer for the multi-op studio Lightly Photography in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.

        After graduating with a BFA in Photography Tracy dived into a career in education while building her business from the ground up. Those years in public education taught her that she wanted to lead and grow other creatives leading her to grow from a one woman show to a team of photographers focusing on weddings, portraits and branding.

        Tracy serves as an educator in business, photography and marketing.

        She has continued to teach formally as the lead instructor for the photography certification program at The University of Texas Arlington Continuing Education Department.

        Tracy offers one on one mentorship, small group trainings and public speaking to the wedding industry and business groups.


        -Infusing yourself into your socials
        -Video & the next generation of buyers
        (TikTok & Reels)
        -Under utilized features on Instagram
        -Duplicating yourself by hiring a team
        -Management mistakes & owning your
        company culture
        -Mobile photography & video on the fly
        -Photography technique & technology

        Tracy can customize a presentation for your groups needs. Virtual and in person education is available.


        "Tracy is a very intuitive teacher one one one. She good at not only quickly identifying areas that need improvement in marketing, pricing and skills but also hot that relates to where you personally can grow. Her guidance helped to build not just a better business but also a better photographer and happier person. What a confidence boost!"

        -Elena Lucas, Photographer
        One on one training client

        "Tracy is an engaging speaker who shares her passion and knowledge for each topic she presents. She is organized, comes prepared and her best quality as a speaker is the connection she can make with each attendee." -Chelsey Arnal Event Organizer, Social Media Planning Day

        "Tracy Autem is one of DFW's most talented and respected photographers who I recently asked to speak on a panel discussion on social media (specifically TikTok and Reels) as a way to form deeper connections with clients. Why did I ask her? Simple...her reels and TikToks are blowing up! She's created a fun online presence to augment her already wildly successful business. Her contribution to the presentation was wonderful....she offered a ton of specifics regarding not only what she's doing and how, but WHY and the deeper vulnerability of getting real and connecting via social media. As always, her comments were well conceived and insightful....and did I mention funny? Always a plus! I would ask her to speak again in a heartbeat...highly recommend."

        - Jennifer Trotter
        Speaker, Professional Beauty Artist & Director of Business Development for the Professional Wedding Guild

        "I had the pleasure of working with Tracy on a business development plan. We discussed opportunities of growth for my business and she helped problem solve and developed creative solutions. I've had the benefit of personally learning from her through observation and speaking engagements she has participated in. The most important thing you need to know about Tracy is that she is invested in making you better. If you ever get the opportunity to work with Tracy jump through hoops to make it happen!! You won't be disappointed!" -Jade Batangan Owner & Creative Director - Events by Jade

        What is your speaking style?

        I move around allot, talk with my hands and speak very frankly. I’m very conversational and open up about my own misteps to humanize what I’m teaching.

        I often find myself sharing hot takes and the hard things that people need to hear to be challenged in their thinking.

        What are your favorite topics?

        Social media is my favorite topic right now as I see the wave of marketing has moved in that direction and so many business’ are just flailing and under utilizing it.

        I also like speaking about anything that promotes business growth because helping others reach their financial goals gives me full on goose bump type joy.

        What makes you valuable as a speaker?


        True strength is being open and honest about our mistakes, owning them and learning. I take those major life fails and use them to help others avoid them. I will fully humiliate myself so you don’t have to walk that path.