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Reception Lighting Styles

Fort Worth Zoo Wedding Reception

When the sun goes down and it’s time to finally celebrate lighting becomes a dominating factor in how your wedding photography looks. You can select to add lighting to your reception space through uplighting, pin spots or hanging light installations but I am talking about the way that I choose to use light to create your wedding story.

Your reception has a flow and stages that allow me to pull a variety of techniques from my bag of tricks.

Timeless fill light images utilize off camera flashes to ensure that your skin tones are perfect and you are well lit while still allowing for the depth and richness of your background. The reception decor doesn’t fade into darkness but is visible adding layers to the images.

Available light images are moodier and shot with a slower shutter that will sometimes cause a little blur. This look can appear like traditional film images and feel beautifully flawed.

Direct flash images darken the background and give a paparazzi style to the images. It’s the perfect style to pull out when you hit the dance floor with your sorority sisters to sing at the top of your lungs. With direct flash we can slow that shutter down creating light trails in your images while still freezing the motion enough to clearly see you and your new spouse. These photographs are fashion forward and fun!

One lighting style I stay away from is using a constant light to add light to your party. Why? I know how hard you worked with your planner to create the perfect ambiance and we all know that bright lights can kill the vibe. I want your wedding guests to flock to the dance floor and never feel intimidated by bright lights so they can fully be themselves. The only time I will pull these guys out of my bags is for nighttime portraits!

Do you have any questions about lighting styles for your wedding reception? Reach out and scroll on to see some examples of my 3 favorite wedding reception photography styles!

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