Committing to your Proposal Plan


Jackson &Kylie

Committing to your proposal plan

Proposal at private property

I love photographing proposals! Sometimes though, things don’t go as planned. I know planning the perfect will you marry me is stressful but when you hire professionals to help you document and plan your will be able to rest a little easier going into the big day.

If you are looking for help planning your proposal we would be happy to connect you with a planner! That is right, there are people that specialize in proposal planning. They can help you with the logistics, hiring of professionals, pick the perfect spot and time or plan the epic surprise proposal party after she says YES!

When we come in to photograph a proposal we help with some of that planning. We discuss timing, light and even where to stand to make sure the picture is right. The day of we will even share our location with you so you know we are in place and we can track your progress to the spot without giving anything away.

One thing we can’t control is the weather. Although we often have good luck sometimes a cold front or random Texas thunderstorm rolls in. For Jackson & Kylie a drought filled summer was broken with a stray storm that down-poured on his plans. The most important thing when something doesn’t go as planned is to commit to the question – get to the will you marry me. It may have rained this summer afternoon but they have an epic story and pretty unique images to capture her saying YES!

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