Chelsea & Jacob – Rainy Day Engagement Session in Fort Worth


Sometimes it rains – but it doesn’t have to ruin your day if you have a great attitude and embrace the day God has given you.  Chelsea & Jacob did just that.  As we started their session the sky was blue and it quickly darkened with thunder, lightening and a downpour to follow.  As those first rain drops fell I thought fast and moved us to the Kimbell Art Museum from their nature location where we could have some cover from the rain.  I just loved photographing these two – they did so good and even got brave to get a few pics without umbrellas under the crepe myrtle trees in the rain.  Thanks Chelsea & Jacob for your amazing attitudes while I was trying to think 3 steps ahead about how to turn this rainy day into photo magic.  Their relationship is a bit of magic itself – a chance meeting created the beginning of a great love story.  Here is how they met:

“Jacob and I met out one evening in Dallas. I was with a group of my girlfriends and he was a with a group of his guy friends and one of his brothers for his brother’s going away party. Both groups ended up meshing/talking and the rest is history!”

I love it!  I can’t wait to celebrate with them in 2019!  It’s going to be so fun to celebrate my second wedding with Chelsea’s family and meet all of Jacob’s favorite people too!



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