Caroline & Max – Engagement Session at Colonial Country Club


I am so excited about this wedding!  Why?  Because Max is the brother of one of my fabulous past brides and Caroline is her best friend!  It’s a perfect match and I just love them together.  I love their beginning story as it may have taken awhile to move from friends to romance but I think it’s perfection:

“Max and I met when I was a freshman in college at OU because I was his sisters roomate. Abbey and I ended up living together all four years of college and naturally max and I became close friends since he was also at OU with us. Never crossed my mind of dating him during college because he was abbeys big brother. He took care of us, was always there when we needed him, and became one of my closest guy friends. It wasn’t until post grad that our paths crossed when we were both back living in dallas. We started hanging out with each other more and more and one night it hit me that I was developing feelings for him. We talked and both mutually agreed that feelings were there but had to get abbeys blessing before anything happened. So after talking to her and filling her in we decided to see what would happen. Although weird at first, since to everyone he was “Abbey’s brother”, the narrative eventually changed to just Max and Caroline. It happened very organically and out of the blue but I can’t imagine now us not being together. Two and a half years later and were getting married.” – Caroline

For their engagement session we selected The Colonial Country Club.  Both of these two have ties to golf and it’s classic backdrops, gorgeous golf course and of course these two happy people made for perfection!  Caroline’s Mom served as our tour guide and showed us some amazing spots on the golf course then we played inside.  I adore this silhouette shot above – so sexy and elegant!

Can’t wait for the wedding you two!  Have fun this week on your family vacay!


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