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Mr & Mrs Gabe Stout – An East Texas Country Wedding, Part 1 Moments & Details

Bride Groom Recessional Chapel Wedding


Lacy & Gabe were married last Saturday out in East Texas in Sulphur Springs.  I had so much fun at this country wedding and I just adore this couple.  This week I am trying something new with my wedding post and splitting it up into two.  This post will focus on the moments and the details and part two will be all about the couple.  This is how the day is split up to me and so I thought why not post it that way!  I love capturing the things that happens, anticipating the moment and getting the reaction.  These photos tell the story of the day and speak to the emotion of the special people at the wedding.  Details are all about the things that express the couple and the things that they spent so much time thinking about leading up to the wedding.

Lacy and her girls prepped at a amazing home that her friends parents own.  It looked like an old barn and was filled to the brim with eclectic antiques and decor that made my head spin, in a good way.  I wish we had more time there to take advantage of it but the locations all day were killer and did not disappoint.  The wedding was held at the Hopkins County Museum and Heritage Park. The ceremony was in a quaint little chapel and the rest of the park…WOW!  So many little vignettes (that is photographer speak for locations) that you will see more of in their romantics post.  Then we trekked further east into the country for a honky tonk reception in Mount Vernon at the Trey-Deuce Domino Saloon complete with a good ol country band.  Everyone was so relaxed and chill, Gabe even changed into something a tad more comfortable than his tux and donned his jeans and boots.  It was such an amazing day and I am so lucky to have been a part of it.

With out further ado here are some of the beautiful moments and things from Lacy & Gabe’s East Texas Wedding!  Stay tuned for a blog tomorrow with romantics and their wedding day slide show!

Bride laughing getting ready dress

photo by Sarah Rizy

Bride laughing getting ready dress vintage

The benefit of two shooters. Right before the photo Sarah took above, I snagged this from another angle and with a differnt type of lens. Two photographers supply our clients with variety.

groom boutonniere getting ready East Texas Wedding country

Gabe getting his boutonniere pinned inside the chapel

Hopkins County Heritage Park Chapel Wedding Sulphur Springs

This cute little chapel was perfectly sized and full to the brim for thier ceremony.

Hopkins County Heritage Park Chapel Wedding Ring Sulphur Springs

That darn ring just wouldn't go on!

Hopkins County Heritage Park Chapel Wedding Sulphur Springs pink

A moment of celebration outside the church

Hopkins County Heritage Park Chapel Wedding Sulphur Springs Bridal Party

The bridal party outside an old general store.

Bright pink orange bridal flowers bouquet

Lacy's bright bouquet

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon First Dance Texas

Lacy guiding her reluctant husband on to the dance floor for thier first dance.

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon First Dance Texas laugh groom

It wasn't that bad once they got out there, by Sarah Rizy

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon First Dance Texas spin

What is a dance with out a little twirl?

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon Father Daughter Dance

Taking another spin around the dance floor with her Dad

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon Belt Buckle Beer Texas

It may be strange but I just LOVE this detail shot of Gabe's belt buckle and the beer in the old mason jar. So Texas, so right.

Bride Ring Showing Detail Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon

Lacy showing off her gorgeous rings

Armadillo groom cake road kill funny texas

I am noticing a theme in my grooms cakes lately, animals. A deer at the last wedding and this time around a road kill armadillo!

Armadillo groom cake road kill funny texas

Having a good laugh as they cut into the road kill

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon Dancing Wedding

Cutting a rug out on the floor

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon Dancing Wedding

A sweet embrace after some fun dancing

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon Wedding Wide Shot

A grand old honky tonk saloon in the country

Trey Deuce Saloon Mt Vernon Wedding Farewell Exit

Bubbles & Popper exit and off to the honeymoon!

Dr. & Mrs. Max Hendrix


On February 13th I had the privilege of spending the day with Jennifer and Max as they said their vows and had a stunning wedding and reception.  The moment I met Jennifer at our studio I knew I wanted to be a part of this special day.  Jennifer’s sweetness and kindness just won me over completely so I can see how Max fell so hard for her.  We have been lucky to be a part of this journey with them from their engagement session, engagement party through the rehearsal dinner and on into their married life.

To describe their wedding in a few words:  Timeless, Elegant, Loving & Sweet.  The best part of those words is Loving and although these two are over the moon for each other the love that I saw from all of their family members was what stuck me.  They were so welcoming to all their guests as well as us.  These families are so amazing that by the end of the weekend I even felt like I was one of them!  Their relatives toasts made me laugh, cry and most of all know both families were excited to be gaining a new relative.  Jennifer and Max are definitely loved.

From decor to attire every aspect of this day had a timeless feel.  I love shooting a wedding and knowing in 5 years or 20 it will look current because Jennifer and her family took such care in planning  along with Tami Winn Events.  Jennifer reminded me of a starlet like Grace Kelly in her amazing gown and veil and her bridesmaids wore classic floor length black dresses.  This wedding was a studio event as we photographed them all day and both of my associates joined me to make sure nothing was missed.  They were married at TCU’s Robert Carr Chapel followed by a reception at The Colonial Country Club.  Floral by Tami Winn’s Le Fleur Couture and scrumptious cake by The Cake Guys.

Here is their slide show and some of my favorite moments from their day.  Tons of them are in Black and White because as I said timeless was definitely a word for this wedding and when editing my favorites I just kept seeing them that way.  Enjoy!


a Highlight of all thier wedding day details





I just adore these shots of Jennifer getting her dress and veil on.



love the crispness of this shot on the diamond!


Major thanks to Sarah Halferty for this precious moment captured right before the doors opened and Jennifer entered the chapel. Jerry is just beaming at his daughter!







A laugh captured inbetween some romantic shots


In the limo before entering thier reception



Dancing the night away to a killer band!


I love Max's little celebration fist pump.

I wish you both the best in all the years to come.  Thank you for your kind hearts and allowing us to get to know you.

Mr. & Mrs. Marc Hernandez


Krista & Marc are a sweet couple who got dealt one monstrously rainy day for their wedding but they smiled on and we all had a blast no matter what was going on outside.  From their church to the fabulous City Club Dallas it was a perfect day.  Some of my favorite moments of the entire day though were from the ceremony.  Weather it be the bride cracking up, the sweet way Marc looked at Krista or all the flower girls passing out asleep on a pew it was an AMAZING ceremony.  It made me excited for these two and the journey that is ahead of them.  I really am privileged to share in these intimate moments with my clients.  Here are some of my favorite moments of their wedding day.

Marc is a golf pro so these golf ball favors were the perfect touch for thier day.



These girls captured my heart all day long.


Time to get into the dress!



There is that sweet smile as he waits on his bride.


Marc had to help her down the aisle, it was big and scary in there. Uncle Marc took care of his niece.



Love, love, love moments of laughter during the ceremony.




3 little princess' out cold, it was just too much for them. They had to take a nap right in the middle of the ceremony (although word was the bigest one was faking for the camera.)


she fell asleep just barely holding on to that bouquet by a gloved little finger.





Once awake the flower girls wanted to get in on all the action, even the bride's dance with her Dad.




May the rainy day be a ton of luck to Marc & Krista, off to their honeymoon where hopefully it was sunny and perfect.


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