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Jessica & Anthony – Wedding Cermony & ReceptionNuvo Room, Dallas


Jessica & Anthony’s wedding ceremony and reception at Nuvo Room in Dallas was so perfect for them, fun and elegant with a touch of modern.  They put so much work into their wedding day.  That gorgeous altar backdrop flower wall was totally hand made by these two and friends/family.  It was gorgeous!  Like I wanted to take it home!  During the ceremony there was so much emotion from a sweet forehead kiss from Daddy giving away his princess to loving glances and smirky smiles.  All the feels were had by all.


When party time hit it was full steam ahead with laughter, fun and dancing!  Anthony and Jessica rarely strayed from each others side – there is a magnetism to them that is truly beautiful to watch.  I think their friends said it best as they toasted them – the touched on their love for each other, how genuinely nice and caring this couple is and how they are so suited for each other.  Best part though was the wish the maid of honor ended her toast with – Lots of Sex! I have never heard that one before but must say it’s a good wish on a marriage!


Thanks Jessica and Anthony for inviting me into our lives and letting me be a part of your day.  I am lucky you choose me, it was beyond perfect and inspiring to get to know you.  You are two love with your full selves – not just each other – but all around you.  You are both so very lucky.


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Jessica & Anthony – Getting Ready & Wedding First LookDallas Wedding


Jessica & Anthony have that head over heels, passionate, full of laughter and lots of kisses kind of love that girls dream of.  These two are seriously so much fun to photograph and it was so special to share their wedding day with them!  We met up at their hotel in Dallas for some getting ready before their first look.  It was HOT outside and these two were hot together too – from the moment Anthony turned around to see his bride he was glowing.  I can’t blame him – Jessica was gorgeous in her pink textured gown with a corset styled bodice.  Anthony looked so GQ too in his blue tailored suit.  We headed out to brave the temperatures at Addison Circle Park for some romantic portraits and bridesmaid and groomsmen photos.  Huge props to this entire bridal party for being up for anything, trusting me and the result is beautiful!  I’m swooning over here!


wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-002 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-003 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-001 detail-photos-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photogrphy-001 detail-photos-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photogrphy-002 detail-photos-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photogrphy-004 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-007 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-006 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-008 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-009 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-010 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-004 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-011 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-005 detail-photos-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photogrphy-005 detail-photos-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photogrphy-006 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-013 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-014 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-015 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-016 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-017 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-019 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-020 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-021 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-026 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-027 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-022 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-023 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-024 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-025 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-031 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-030 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-032 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-028 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-029 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-033 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-034 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-035 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-036 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-037 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-038 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-039 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-040 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-042 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-041 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-044 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-045 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-046 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-047 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-048 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-049 wedding-nuvo-room-dallas-tracy-autem-photography-050

Creel Grand kids – Children’s portraits in San Angelo, Texas

Bright colorful kids children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

I am often out west in San Angelo, Texas.  It is my home town and most of my family still lives there.  I love my San Angelo clients and it is always fun to shoot in some of the cool urban locations that the city offers.  Peggy is a good friend of my Mom’s and I was excited to meet her 3 adorable grandchildren.  She had all 3 of them in town for the weekend so she wanted to capture them together at these great ages.  Macie & Camden are brother and sister and Hazel is their little cousin.  These kids were all completely unique and we had a ton of fun playing together in the morning heat.  Here are some of my favorites!  Can’t wait for my next chance to shoot some San Angelo portraits!

Cute black and white ballerinas urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

Bright colors urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

girl ballerina urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

Macie was so gorgeous and a ham for the camera, watch out world she will be ready to be America's Next Top Model before long.

funky tutu colors urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

funky tutu colors urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

boy baseball urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

Camden was a whoot and a complete boys boy. From baseball to his cowboy outfit he was so much fun to play with.

little cowboy urban children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

yellow blue bucket children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

girl wall red dress children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

Hazel is a cute toddler that was just a doll to photograph.

girl wall red dress children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

girl blue yellow bucket children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

kids hugging children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

Camden attempted to love on his big sister, if she hugged him he cryed but he was all about hugging her.

kids reading black white children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

The girls reading.

cowboy hat blue eyes children portraits photos San Angelo Texas Tracy Autem

Camden is a cowboy, completely and totally.

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