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Kristy & Jared – Wedding Reception at Texas Discovery Gardens, Dallas

Sometimes it rains, and when it does you should never miss the chance to make it perfect.  Most brides don’t dream of rainy wedding days, Kristy certainly didn’t.  She got her wish for clear skies during her outdoor ceremony at Texas Discovery Gardens but as the night went on it poured.  As they were departing for the evening we snagged this hot photo above showing off the energy of their wedding night and I love it!  As their ceremony ended the sunset was under way and soon we had darkness so we quickly too advantage of twilight for some romantic images of the couple.  Entering the reception their night was filled with cake smashing, Dad’s dancing, daughters that are adorable, hilarious toasts and some beautiful people that I was so privileged to experience their day with.  Congrats you two!  I have loved being a part of your wedding!

-Tracy Autem

Venue – Texas Discovery Gardens

Bridal Gown – Lewisville Bridal Boutique

Sugar City Sweets & Celebrations – Cakes and Catering

Dallas Light & Sound – DJ

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Kristy & Jared – Texas Discovery Garden Wedding Ceremony

Kristy and Jared were married on Oct 26th on a day with an extreme forecast.  Leading up to their day I think the bride, me and everyone involved may have been compulsively checking the weather.  We saw the chance of rain change back and forth and as we all prayed super hard we were blessed with no rain!  Well, that is until later that night, but we made the best of that!  The sky’s rainy forecast though made for fabulous ceremony pictures like the one above as the clouds picked up all the sunset colors.  Before the ceremony I met up with Kristy at The Magnolia Hotel before heading over to the Texas Discovery Gardens.  Her girls were all so sweet and I loved the exchanges between her and Mom and Dad, the emotion just filled the room.  It was pretty darn cool.  Jared and his guys were goofy guys but when Kristy took that aisle his face was filled with tears.  She was truly breathtaking and so was his little girl who walked the aisle before her announcing to Dad the Kristy was on the way.  Stay tuned tomorrow for more photos from their reception.

-Tracy Autem

Venue – Texas Discovery Gardens

Bridal Gown – Lewisville Bridal Boutique

Sugar City Sweets & Celebrations – Cakes and Catering

Dallas Light & Sound – DJ

Featured Today on Pretty Little Weddings Blog! {Part 2} Glamorous Wedding Photos

If you loved Lindsey & Jason’s vintage engagement session yesterday then you will definitely fall in love with today’s feature on Pretty Little Weddings.  Their wedding was a nod to old Hollywood glamor with feather and pear details and vintage inspired attire at Piazza in the Village.  Thanks so much to the Pretty Little Weddings editors for featuring my work and the unique do it your self details that Lindsey & Jason created.

Lindsey & Jason {Married} Part 2 – Momments at The Piazza in the Village

I think that this couple’s vows to each other were perhaps some of the sweetest I have ever heard.  They made me cry, perhaps because as Lindsey vowed to be a Godly wife and some day Mom it reminded me of my own vows I said on my wedding day.  Personal vows are difficult to write and I know from experience that it feels a little daunting BUT I think it is the best way to truly personalize your ceremony and your commitment to one another.  If their marriage just almost lives up to their promises it will be a love filled home with a ton of laughter.  Their day was full of  moments that tugged at my heart strings and every person there.

Stacey, Linsey’s sister, is helping her with her birdcage veil.  I can’t wait to get a photo similar to this at Stacey’s wedding later next year with Lindsey helping her.

An embrace from Jason and Lindsey’s Dad before he takes her as his wife.

Jason was SO happy to see his bride.  Sarah Halferty snagged this photo right as he took her arm to lead her up the stairs to the altar.

Their ceremony was full of emotion from tears to laughter.  The pastor did a great job telling some funny stories from their past.

Lindsey’s sister and best friend looking on as she laughs.

See, I wasn’t the only one crying.

ADORE how Lindsey clutched her chest and Jason said his vows.

Celebrating after pronounced man and wife.

A private moment.

Completely not sure what the flower girl is doing but I saw it as I was shooting formals and asked Sarah to get it and I am glad she did.

Lindsey & her Dad during their dance.

Jason and his Mom twirling around the floor.They look like three sisters but the beautiful one on the right is their Mommy.

Toasts were hilarious and emotional.

Jason is one FINE dancer.  His brothers weren’t too bad either.  They had fun.

A stolen kiss on the dance floor.

Those guys were really wanting that garter (photo by Sarah Halferty)

Lindsey & Jason {Married} Part 1 – Romantics, Portraits & Detals at The Piazza in the Village

OH how I loved this wedding and how I super duper really love this couple.  I was truly blessed to be at Lindsey & Jason’s wedding last Friday at The Piazza in the Village.  I cried allot, laughed, and just had FUN!  Today I am going to focus on all Lindsey’s feathery details and of course their portraits.  The above image is my absolute favorite from their day.  Lindsey wanted to go for a look she had seen before in a photograph featuring George Clooney.  She looks at Jason and tells him to be George, no pressure there!  I think he nailed it though, he is more smooth than George any day in this photo.  How could he not be?  With such a gorgeous wife to share the photo with….

Yes, there were feathers.  Everywhere!  From her shoes to her bouquet and MANY feather balls.

Lindsey alone in the chapel before the ceremony, she is SO glamorous.


Lindsey & Jason are a bit theatrical and I love that their bridal party was up for a bit of fun.  The girls faces just make me giggle.

Lindsey is a do it yourself kinda girl.  These fabulously fun feather balls were made by her!

I like all chubby birds and especially penguins.  These cute cake toppers were on the couples sweetheart table.  They were just begging to be a prop for a ring photo.

Lindsey made this fabulous sign, so true.  The beginning of a very amazing life as husband and wife.

After the wedding was completely over I followed the couple to their hotel for some more romantic photos.

Love all of Lindsey’s little things.

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