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Elisabeth & William – Wedding Reception at Fort Worth Club


After Elisabeth and Will’s ceremony at Holy Family Catholic Church we head to Fort Worth Club to start the party!  The night was full and fun and the dance floor was packed from start to finish.  It was clear that everyone enjoyed themselves and these two love birds made me smile all night long behind my camera.  Every couple touches my heart in different ways, these two, when they danced, ahhhhhhh.  It was beautiful to watch them have fun together, be silly and crazy then so soft and sweet.  To see more of their night check out their wedding highlight reel:

Thanks to Julie Eastman with Extraordinary Events and Design for pulling Elisabeth’s fairy-tale together and all the vendors that made it perfection.

Lush Couture Floral

Fort Worth Club – Location, Food and Cakes

Bliss Bridal

Dallas String Quartet (They are AMAZING!!!!)

The Roof Raisers Band

Halo Brides – Hair and MakeUp

It was BRRRRR cold outside but we sacrificed warmth for a few minutes to get this elegant downtown city lights shot at night.

These white lantern’s lined the hallway as you entered the reception space.  Along with the mirrors, windows and up-lighting  the play of light was magnificent (as seen below.)

Every little detail was perfect from the crystals suspended in water to the tiniest vase of white floral.


Custom Bride and Groom chair signs at the couples table.

Elisabeth’s Dad welcoming their guests.

I adored Elisabeth’s Sara Gabriel head piece from Bliss Bridal she wore for the reception.

The couple dancing with their parents.

I think the cake tasted good! 🙂

Go Frogs!  Both Elisabeth and Will attended TCU.

The dance floor is open!  Even Dad (above) and Grandma (below) got in on the action.

Have I mentioned I love her Pronovias gown, yep.  I LOVE it.  Look at how it moves!

A perfect kiss caught right before they walked out to their send off.


Elisabeth & William – Wedding at Holy Family Catholic Church with Preparations at Fort Worth Club

Elisabeth and Will’s wedding day was a dream come true.  Every moment was beautiful and it was a complete privilege to be able to document their day.  From the moment Elisabeth slipped her Pronovias dress on she took my breath away and continued to do so the rest of the evening.  Their love is beautiful and watching them together made me truly happy – yep, I am lucky to do what I do!  This favorite above is from moments after their first look at The Fort Worth Club before heading over to Holy Catholic Family Church.  Multiple reflections and natural light make it scrumptious.  Read on for more about their preparations, first look and ceremony.

Thanks to Julie Eastman with Extraordinary Events and Design for pulling Elisabeth’s fairy-tale together and all the vendors that made it perfection.

Lush Couture Floral

Fort Worth Club – Location, Food and Cakes

Bliss Bridal

Dallas String Quartet (They are AMAZING!!!!)

The Roof Raisers Band

Halo Brides – Hair and MakeUp

Gown by Pronovias from Bliss Bridal (bridesmaids attire from Bliss as well!)

What girl doesn’t love a fabulous pair of flat shoes from Jimmy Choo, I can see her wearing these for years to come with some cute skinny jeans.

Elisabeth’s Mom is so sweet, she was so full of JOY all day!

Elisabeth’s engagement ring and signature scent for her day.

IN LOVE with this image, might be one of my most favorite getting ready shots ever.  So simple and classic.

I can always count on her for a little silliness.  It takes confidence to be such a ham and she has it in spades.

Elisabeth carried her Mother’s high school prom purse, so delicate.

Will hung out with his men, read the paper and enjoyed some laughs to counter his nerves before seeing his bride.

NOW that is how a man looks when he sees his loved all dressed in white!

AND that is how a bride looks at her soul mate.  Swoon!

A little fix to make him perfect.

Loved Elisabeth’s bouquet by Deitra with Lush Couture Floral.  To make it even more special she carried a rosary  blessed by the pope, given to her by her Godmother.

Classic bunches of white floral adorning the church pews.

Will awaiting his bride at the altar.

Here comes the bride!

Their priest gave excellent marriage advice and I think they were taking it all in.

Smiles all around as Will said his vows to his beloved.

Slipping the ring upon her finger, she is now his.

This was a beautiful part of the ceremony, the god parents of Elisabeth presented an alms (I think that is what they called it.)  Will promised to take care of Elisabeth and others in the way that Christ served, it was touching.

First photo as husband and wife and OH so cute!

It was a cold day so we only ran out for a minute before seeking warmth but it was worth it!

Look at those ladies!  Gorgeous in the Bliss Bridal attire!

Elisabeth – Bridal Portraiture at The Dallas Arboretum

Well, Elisabeth is FINALLY married so I can share her super fabulous bridal portraits.  This girl had an amazing line up for her wedding day and you can see it in her bridals.  Her Pronovias Gown was found at Bliss Bridal and her white classic bouquet was provided by Deitra with Lush Couture Floral.  Hair and Makeup was put perfectly together by Halo Salon.  Her look was very Jane Austen in a romantic vintage way that makes my heart swoon.  It was hard to pick just a few to share as I had so many favorites!  Later this week check back for her Fort Worth Club Wedding planned and designed by Julie Eastman with Extraordinary Events.


Kelsey & Matthew – Wedding Reception at Aristide Event Center in Mansfield

Just look at those sweet faces all squishy and happy.  How can you not just fall in love with this couple?  After their very emotional preparations and ceremony it was time for some romantic portraits and a superb reception with dinner and dancing at Aristide Event Center.  Their day was flawless and that could not have been accomplished with out a solid team of vendors lead by their wedding planner, Julie Eastman of Extraordinary Events.

 Kelsey & Matt’s Vendor Team:

Julie Eastman of Extraordinary Events – Event Design and Coordination

Lush Couture Floral

Bliss Bridal – Brides Attire

Nordstrom – Bridesmaids Attire

Frosted Art – Cakes

City Kitchen Catering

Kess Salon – Make up and Hair

 Here is their wedding highlights slide show with all my favorite moments:

Her heals were sinking in.  🙂

Couples that express themselves excite me, here Matthew is making a silly kissy face that makes me squeal with delight.

So serene and sweet

BUT they always quickly turn to laughs (and this is why their marriage will WORK!)

No, Matt is not really taking a bite of this dove but I thought it was so funny I had to share, so his personality.

The room looked perfect in the soft gold, ivory and pale pink tones.  (Way to go Julie & Deitra!)

Pure Bouquet awesomeness with fabulous texture, the wheat in front is a perfect touch.

Lace wrapped the vessels for the floral on the tables, it was very sweet.

Baby’s Breath done right and looking OH so elegant.

First Dance sweetness.

Kelsey and her Dad took a little twirl around the dance floor.

As a Mom I just get goose pimples looking at this, I can imagine holding my son the very same way some day.

Matt had a little TOO much fun with his KEG cake by Frosted Art (It looked TOTALLY real!)

This is Kelsey responding to her husband’s foolishness with his cake.

Getting into an old German Tradition.

A German tradition MUST be followed by a Polka…..Right?

Kelsey and her Theta girls

I love how boys always seem to congregate together to PONDER.

Yes sweetie, YOU get to throw the bouquet!

Rarely do I see a crowed of men so anxious to catch the garter.

Horned Frogs!!!  TCU!!!

A little DIP caught on the dance floor.

Bye guys!  Hope you had a wonderful honeymoon and I can’t wait to see you again soon!


Kelsey & Matthew – Wedding and Preparations at Aristide Event Center

Kelsey and Matthew are blissfully married and I could not be happier for them.  Their day was full of emotion and sweet moments that made me over the moon.  Above is one of my most favorite parts of their wedding day.  A trend in wedding photography right now is to have a private moment with the groom before the wedding BUT staying true to tradition and not seeing each other.  Kelsey & Matt choose to share notes as they stood on either side of the door.  It was perfect, they talked, giggled, you could see their nervous excitement and my favorite comment was “I’m ready to get married.”  I think this one image sets the tone for their day and their marriage.  See below for some other precious moments from their preparations and ceremony.  Tomorrow check back for the romantics, reception and slide show.

Kelsey’s Grandma seeing her in her gown for the first time, look at the light in her eyes.  It makes me melt.

I love Mom’s and how much they love their daughters.  Better yet I adore the look on Kelsey’s face, it just shows how much she knows she is loved.

Grandma wasn’t the only one that got to have a big reveal, Dad came to see Kelsey in her gown before the ceremony.

AND when he saw her she cried.  🙂

Nothing is sweater than tutu’s and ballet slippers on flower girls.  Classic, timeless and so princess perfect.

Before they left to prepare to walk down the aisle he sealed his time with her by a gentle kiss on the hand.

This bouquet by Lush Couture Floral is amazing BUT what makes me swoon is this custom locket with photos of all her family members that could not be with her.

String quartet providing the perfect backdrop to the ceremony

Matt is a clever man, he came up with a whole new tradition.  A BRO ROW.  What is that?  It is the equivalent of house party for the ladies but this dapper group of young men took seats of honor right behind his family to support their friends vows.

I am a sucker for Mom, Daughter moments and I love this one.

Stunning and ready to walk the aisle.

Looking for his bride.

Matt – you are a BAD groom.  You are not supposed to kiss her until AFTER the wedding.  I love that he was so overwhelmed and excited that he forgot tradition and went with his heart.

Matt’s Uncle married the couple which I love.  It means SO much more when you have a genuine connection with your officiant.

Stay tuned for more images tomorrow…..Oh they are good.

Kelsey {Bridal Portraits} Thistle Hill in Fort Worth

Kelsey and Matt were married this past weekend at Aristide Event Center so I get to share her bridal portraits!!!!  Thistle Hill in Fort Worth is one of my favorite spots to photograph bridals and it is seriously around the corner from our studio.  It offers so many beautiful options with vintage furnishings, sweeping windows and staircases and lots of opportunities for me to play with some drama.  I had not been to this historic mansion in a while so I was excited to be there again with such a beautiful subject.  Kelsey is easy to photograph, her sweet smiles and amazing figure make for perfect images.  I loved her gown by Bliss Bridal and floral by my friend Deitra of Lush Couture.  Can’t wait to share the wedding that Julie Eastman with Extraordinary Events made into perfection!


Brides of North Texas {Fall/Winter 2011 Issue Gown Shoot} Dreamy dresses, elegant bride, handsome groom and vintage detailing

I do have a true love story with brides and wedding dresses.  One of the main reasons I am passionate about shooting weddings is that I love the fairy tale, the excitement and the uniqueness that surrounds each wedding gown and the bride that chooses it.  When the owners of Brides of North Texas Magazine approached me about this dreamy vintage shoot I was on board from the  moment I saw the inspiration board.  It was completely up my alley as I love all things that are soft, natural, vintage and romantic.  It stood out to me as different as well from other gown editorials as we were going to throw into the mix a good looking young man, some designer suiting, a table-scape, detail shots and a boudoir look!  I was completely taken a back as well as I thought, little old me, shoot a gown editorial?  I knew I could do it but I also think that a degree of humbleness and wanting to improve is essential to any artists growth.  This shoot humbled me, wowed me and when I finally held the magazine in my hands I was in awe of what I created.  I actually looked at my staff and said I can’t believe these are my photos!  I am so in love with each image and the Brides of North Texas staff so blessed me with this opportunity.  I can’t wait for the projects I will shoot with them in the future!  Later this Fall I will share some more images from the shoot that are not in the magazine as well as a few behind the scenes moments.

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