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Christy & Mark – Fort Worth Engagement Session at Trinity Park & The ModernFort Worth, Texas

Christy & Mark are fun, lighthearted but old souls.  This combination makes for a couple that loves fiercely and enjoys one another even in the most simple of things.  Mark is definitely a romantic based on his well thought out proposal.  Here is their engagement story in Christy’s words:

“Mark and I first saw each other in the state Capitol building in Austin, but didn’t really meet until several months later.  So, for our proposal, he asked me to come to the capitol for a business dinner he had. Once I got there, he met me in the large rotunda, and said we were actually going to get a private tour of the capitol building from one of his State Trooper friends.  He then took us up this tiny, windy staircase, and out on to the balcony overlooking downtown Austin at sunset.  That’s when he got down on one knee — and said that he knew when he first saw me 2 year prior, that he couldn’t imagine life without me.  Both my family, and his family, and my two closest friends were all hiding behind a pillar, they jumped out and said congratulations! I was so glad he had these people who mean so much to us, travel to be there for such a special moment!”

For their engagement session we had fun strolling through Trinity Park taking in the fall color and had some fun on the playground and stopped to feed some duckies.  My favorite part of their session was playing amidst The Modern art museum Christmas lights!  I love the effects of the lights in the photos and I think everyone needs to take a break from life to just enjoy the little things sometimes and there is no better time of year to do that than the holidays.  I hope your Holiday is filled with light and cheer as Christy & Mark’s relationship most definitely is!


Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Bennett

Bennett6.27.09Blog_0014Michelle & Kyle were married at one of my favorite garden locations in the area, Garden Manor in Grapevine.  Judy and her staff are just fabulous and they went above and beyond for this one.  Judy had to come to the rescue with a locksmith when one of the friends of the wedding party was accidentally locked into the bathroom in one of the guest rooms.  The knob fell off and the door was not budging!  Thankfully it wasn’t one of our key players or we would have had even better stories to tell!

The real story of course is this hot couple and I mean hot!  It was 103 on their day and they along with all their guests were troopers.  Despite the heat Michelle looked amazing and we were able to capture some amazing moments from their getting ready, to the ceremony and the romantics.  Congratulations you two!















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