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Best of 2010 Contest! {16×24 Canvas Wrap}

2010 was a super fabulous year.  I watched my first little man grow into a big 1 year old, laughed allot with my sweet clients, enjoyed my supportive husbands company every step of the way and took A LOT of photos.  January is a time of reflection and preparation for the wedding and portrait season to come because lets face it,  no one wants to take photos in this unpredictable Texas winter.  Today it felt like spring and by the weekend we could have some sleet or snow!

I wanted to take some time to celebrate my clients.  SO, if you were a wedding or portrait client of mine in 2010, here is your chance to win a 16×24 canvas of a photo of your choice from your event!

1) Send my blog link tracyautem.com/blog to all of your family & friends to help win a beautiful canvas. You are more than welcome to post the link on facebook.

2) You must leave a comment below with your favorite image # and why (any comments left on facebook will not count.)  The image number is above the image with the clients name.

3) ONE COMMENT ALLOWED PER PERSON (PLEASE honor this rule and help make this a fair contest..if I feel the voting gets a little fishy, I will end the contest)

4) Voting ends Wednesday January 26th at 11:59pm. The image with the most votes will be announced by Monday, January 31st.

1 – Stacy & Brent

One of my most favorite moments from the year, Brent gently wiping her tears.

2 – Laura & Jeff

Bright colors and a very bright future for this sweet couple.

3 – Baby Owen

I adore his squishy-ness.

4 – Allison & James

The mood in this last shot from their wedding day was an AHHHH moment.

5 – Jessica

Love my seniors with attitude!

6 – Tiffany & Matthew

Love this dramatic bridal shot of Tiffany on her wedding day at Hotel ZaZa.

7 – Kendall & Jason

Some of my favorite things, downtown Fort Worth, a gorgeous couple & the balcony at city club  at night.

8 – Creel Kids

These sweet cousins are two peas in a pod.

9 – Lindsey & Jaon


10 – Sarah & Symon

I have a thing for kisses, especially the hands on face kind.  Swoon.

11 – Lacy & Gabe

Country perfect wedding day with a great sunset, open spaces and a really fun time.

12 – Veronica & Robert

From Jr. High to walking down the aisle as adults, these 2 steal my heart.

13 – Bethany & Rob

I cried more at their wedding than any other, the way Rob loves Bethany is just beyond perfect.

14 – Holly & Jason

We beat the rain and had perfect blue skies with a touch of mud.

15 – Colton

Oh, what a rascal.  We have been watching this guy grow up and it has been fun!

16 – Lauren & Ryan

Sneaking in some photos as the sun set quickly gave me some fun light with a touch of ambiance from the building.

17 – Jennifer & Shane

Shane, you never looked so good….Having fun with photo booth props!

18 – Chelsea

Piercing blue eyes.

19 – Ashley & Matt

Now that is how you celebrate!

20 – Jennifer & Max

A quiet moment in the limo before the party.

21 – Ruth & Andrew

The almost kiss, a moment I adore.

22 – Caelan

College bound and a super great girl.

23 – Callie & Jason

I love this couple and lucky me their wedding was the first of MANY I have gotten to see them at.

24 – Brennan

A real cowboy with some lasso skills that almost took me out.

REMEMBER:  ONE comment per person (I will not approve repeat comments from the same email address & will not count them in the final count)

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