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August 7, 2009 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

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RinnWeddingBlog 0020 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

Cutest Favors with some Hawaii feel

On July 10th this couple were married at the fabulous Outrigger Canoe Club in Waikiki in Hawaii.  It was a beautiful day and sharing it with them makes me feel truly blessed.  Doing a destination wedding I become even closer with my couples and spend allot of time through out the wedding process preparing for their day.  These two had perfect weather, looked amazing and I loved the details and intricate touches.  Here is their day and I can’t wait to see the memories they make in the future.

RinnWeddingBlog 0001 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

I love love love this.

RinnWeddingBlog 0006 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

I always love when the groom sees her for the first time.

RinnWeddingBlog 00071 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

RinnWeddingBlog 0008 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

RinnWeddingBlog 0009 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

Hot first kiss!

RinnWeddingBlog 0010 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

Through out the ceremony her viel just wouldn't stay put so one of her girls picked it up an dI just love this shot I got of the two bridesmaids with the flowers and her viel.

RinnWeddingBlog 0011 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

RinnWeddingBlog 0012 Mr & Mrs Robert RinnRinnWeddingBlog 0013 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn
RinnWeddingBlog 00141 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

Proof that my amazing husband didn't just come to Hawaii to sit on the beach, he was a big help as you can see here with everything from gear to flowers.

RinnWeddingBlog 00151 Mr & Mrs Robert RinnRinnWeddingBlog 00161 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

RinnWeddingBlog 00171 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

Stephanie looking up at Rob during their first dance. Love.

RinnWeddingBlog 0018 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

Watching the sunset and some fireworks way off over the city

RinnWeddingBlog 0019 Mr & Mrs Robert RinnRinnWeddingBlog 0021 Mr & Mrs Robert RinnRinnWeddingBlog 0022 Mr & Mrs Robert Rinn

After an amazing night of fun and dancing it came to an end but their local reception is coming up next weekend so I know they will have a blast then as well.

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