WORN for peace {scarves} Fabulous fashion for a good cause

I am so very privileged to have any part of this amazing brand.  Fashion is a complete love of mine and to do some work for a good cause and some killer knit wear was so much fun.  I encourage you to check out the Worn for hope website, find out about the women that make them and find it in your heart to buy one and support them.  A huge thank you to Charla Corn, a local country music singer and song writer who is supporting this brand and came out to be photographed in the scarves.  Omni Hotel Fort Worth hosted us for the shoot and allowed us to escape the heat out doors.  Here is some information on this growing line:

WORN is a socially-conscious business of Fort Worth Catholic Charities. The mission of WORN is to provide refugee women living in the United States a supplemental source of income, empowering them to rise above poverty. Each circle scarf is hand-knit by women who have survived the afflictions of their war-torn and poverty-stricken homelands.

WORN is here to foster their journey. More than just a scarf, WORN symbolizes:

  • Peace – Teaching that peace is more than just security, it’s dignity
  • Hope – Enabling refugees to find value in both product and self
  • Fashion – Making a statement for those in need by wearing it over the heart

100% of the profits from this project go directly back into the community through Fort Worth Catholic Charities to further equip the women with the necessary skills to become self-sufficient.

WORN but not abandoned…

The team preparing the models.

One of WORN’s interns showing me that despite not having modeled before he knew what to do.

The gorgeous Charla Corn!

Charla was so sweet and sassy and just a doll to photograph.

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