If you have called the studio or emailed this week chances are it took awhile for Tracy to get back with you. Why? Tracy was hanging out at the studio all week with 7 other fabulous women photographers for a business boot camp. We all asked ourselves questions about our goals for ourselves and our business as well and making some choices to make us successful no matter what the economy does in the coming year.

        Friday they all went out and shot some head shots of each other and this group photo. It was a blessing to have all these women at my place for 3 days and I can’t wait to start making changes in my business and personal life. Personally I hope to paint some walls at my house! If I can actually get it going I’ll post some updates in the coming months.

        If you did call you may have spoken to Tiffeny the new studio assistant, more about her later as well as her wedding since it is only 1 week away!

        October 24, 2008



        Hey Tracy! Thanks for hosting boot camp! I had such an amazing time meeting all ya’ll wonderful girls.