Weaving Culture into your Engagement Session

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Are you merging cultures?

weaving HERITAGE into your engagement portraits

Marriage does more than bring two people together, it brings two families, words and upbringings into one new family. With this sometimes one or both of you are bringing in very unique cultures and expectations. As you navigate planning the wedding that best fits the two of you it is important to remember the expectations of your family culturally. Sometimes those traditions don't fit in with your wedding day plans so incorporating them into your engagement portraits is a wonderful compromise.

This couple elected to wear traditonal Vietnamese wedding attire during the first half of their engagement session to honor the brides family. This allowed the family to have formal portraits of their daughter in her Ao Dai and the groom in classic blue.

If you have ideas on how to infuse your session with tradition or need help let me know so we can brainstorm the best solution.

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