Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography Film Promo by Turqouise Video

Tracy Autem Photography & Lightly Photography from Turquoise Video Productions on Vimeo.

We are SOOOOOO excited to finally share this amazing film by Adrienne and Aytek of Turquoise Video Productions. They are a fan favorite of ours and we love working with them every chance we get. Working with them on this short film about myself, my wonderful team and most importantly my family was awesome. They totally got me, the studio and my love for relationship and photography. I’ll be honest, when I watched it the first time I teared up because it was so perfect. Seeing my photographers laughing, my sweet dog and most of all my loves, my boys, JW, Alex and Gideon. Thank you so much Turquoise team for making this happen for me.

So if you want to know more about me and my studio watch on.

Side note: This video showed me how truly blessed I am, I give all praise to God. I am so thankful.

-Tracy Autem

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