Tiffeny & Devin – Engaged!

        Yesterday I got to go to the state fair again! I met up with Tiffeny and Devin in Deep Ellum for a few quick shots next to the bright and funky walls before we headed out to see Big Tex and eat tons of yummy junk food. We ate so much we joked by the time we were finished we were all having food babies. 🙂

        Tiff and Devin are a great couple. They go to church with me and are part of our sharing life group for newly married couples. These two were just loving on each other and enjoying a night out as their wedding day quickly approaches. Those last few weeks can be so stressful but we left that behind and played in the fun house and rode some rides.

        Oh, and just so you know. Tiffeny will be my new studio assistant starting next week! You might hear from her to confirm an appointment or other miscellaneous things so when she calls you can put a face to a name. Congratulations you guys and I can’t wait to have Tiff in the office!

        October 17, 2008