Tiffany & Matthew Engaged!

        Steamy and perfect, Tiffany & Mat are such a HOT couple!

        Tiffany &  Matthew are getting married this coming October at Hotel ZaZa & Marc Events in Dallas.  These two met in the Fort Worth Stockyards at the Neon Moon Saloon when a concert they both hoped to attend was sold out at Billy Bob’s.  Good thing they couldn’t get those tickets because other wise these two may have never been paired up.  We hit some of my favorite Fort Worth spots as well as the Stockyards to give a nice juxtaposition to the Dallas wedding they are planning.

        Tiffany & Matt had these awesome jeans with matching pockets!
        Adore this.
        Adore This.
        mmmmm, perfection

        Tiffany has the cutest smile and how could I not love how Matt cuddles with her.
        This entire series in the grass blew my socks off. Love it!

        Tiffany & Matthew first met at Neon Moon so we had to take a few photos outside it for the memories.
        Country rock stars!

        I said "make a shape with your bodies in the door" and I got this, I think they did GOOD.
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        May 3, 2010



        These photos are just TOO HOT FOR WORDS!!!!!!

        could you be more talented? could they be more precious? fabulous as always!