Summer & Paul {Engaged} Private Residence, The Modern and Downtown

These two are my ideal clients: Smart, fun, lovers and collectors of art, planning a killer wedding at one of my favorite locations and well, gorgeous.  With all that in their favor I wanted them from the moment I met them and I was ready jump over the moon when they hired me.  I was also really excited to shoot the first part of their engagement session at their soon to be home in the Monticello neighborhood of Fort Worth.  They haven’t moved in yet but you can see by the outside what a beautiful space it is and I promise the inside is even better.  Summer and Paul laid their trust in me and we ran around town, played and I got to do some things I have been wanting too for awhile.  Summer and Paul met at Times Ten Cellar and Paul was very persistent in courting Summer, he sent her a list of possible first dates that I don’t think any woman could turn down so she accepted.  I know she was glad she did, he is a great catch and a very loving man.  He proposed in Istanbul so he may win the prize for coolest spot ever to pop the question.  Their wedding is only a few short months away in February at The Modern.

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