Stacy & Brent Married! {Part 2 Moments} Ashton Depot & Marty Leonard Chapel in Fort Worth

        Marty Leonard Chapel Fort Worth Texas Bride Groom Tracy Autem Photography

        The above photo defines this couple for me.  Stacy and Brent are so loving and sweet and in this moment I saw.  After their first look in which Stacy cried and they were both so happy to finally see each other this happened.  Sarah Rizy had gone out into the chapel entry to invite the family inside so we could begin formal photos.  Concerned her make up was smeared, Brent took it upon himself to oh so carefully blot her eyes.  I just love the calmness and confidence Stacy had that he would not further smear it and the complete concentration Brent took to ensure his bride looked perfect.  That is love and why I do what I do.  Every day I shoot people I get to see, really see, who people are.  Here is Stacy & Brent’s wedding day, the moments that mattered and their highlights slide show.  Congratulations guys!  You know I love you  and am so glad I was there to share in your day.

        Bride Walking in Preparation Marty Leonard Chapel Fort Worth Texas Tracy Autem Photography
        Stacy and some of her girls arriving at Marty Leonard

        Groom Preparation  Marty Leonard Chapel Fort Worth Texas Tracy Autem Photography

        Marty Leonard Chapel Bride Gift Laughing Wedding Tracy Autem Photography fort worth texas
        Stacy reading Brent's note as she opens her gift.
        Marty Leonard Chapel Bride Wedding Tracy Autem Photography fort worth Texas
        Stacy wore her friends ring for something borrowed.
        Brent awaiting his bride alone in the chapel.
        Marty Leonard Chapel Fort Worth Texas Bride Tracy Autem Photography
        Stacy broke out in tears the moment she passed the threshold of the chapel.
        Together at last. This moment is why first look's bring me joy. This is what I believe all couples want to do when they finally see each other on the wedding day but most don't because they are in front of a crowd. Alone there is honesty in every action and I love it.
        Ready to walk the aisle and her last moments as a Ms.

        Her Dad is so proud. (photo by Sarah Rizy)

        Mr & Mrs!

        Moments after the ceremony are awesome and often I am the only one around to see. Here Brent sweetly kissed Stacy on the forehead and seconds later they were yelling and celebrating. All the emotions a wedding brings in just seconds.
        In a loud parting limo I love this stollen quiet glance.

        First dance as husband and wife at the beautiful historic Ashton Depot.

        These two photos I love. Brent watching his bride with her father and then Stacy watching her groom with his Mom. Sometimes the best moment isn’t what every one is watching, it is what no one is.

        Stacy's two best girls, twin sisters, giving a toast.
        Love this sad face while her step Father said a few words.

        Dancing the night away!
        Have some cake!

        September 14, 2010



        Beautiful, Tracy! Just beautiful! So nice to meet you last night!

        Beautiful Tracy, just beautiful! Beautiful work, beautiful couple. It was so nice to meet you last night!