Sarah {Bridal Portrait} McKinney Cotton Mill and Fields

Last weekend I traveled to Tucson for the wedding of Sarah and Brian.  It was SO beautiful and I completely enjoyed my backdrop of Mountains.  BUT since they are finally married I can share some of her stunning bridal portraits taken here in Texas when she visited me a few months ago.  We photographed at the Mckinney Cotton Mill as well as some fields and it was the perfect setting for my very artsy friend.

This photo was the image she chose to display as a canvas at the wedding and her groom cried when he saw it and hugged me until it hurt. It made me so happy.  It is everything I know Sarah is and it is just a perfect photo of her.

This photo is sweet and I like it.

Repetition of line and patterns = one happy geeky artist plus a beautiful bride makes for insane joy.

I don’t want to know what trick Amanda was performing behind me to get this laugh but I love it.

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