Sarah & Brian {Married Part 1} At La Paloma Westin Resort in Tucson, AZ

It’s been a few weeks since Sarah & Brian’s wedding and frankly I had a very hard time editing their images.  These two just pulled at my heart strings so selecting images to show as my favorites has been impossible, I wanted to share every single one!  Today I am excited to share their preparations, details and ceremony.

 Amanda, my associate, and I traveled to Tucson for this amazing wedding at the La Paloma Westin Resort.  Destination weddings are always a treat but are hard work as we combine a whirlwind weekend of travel, multiple events and beautiful weddings.  La Paloma is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding with one of the best views in my opinion of the Mountains.   It was a fabulous break from my Texas weddings (Can you tell I was a bit excited about mountains?)  Read on for more about their perfect day and look on the blog next week for part 2 of their wedding images!

I adored the texture in Sarah’s hair with the ribbon weaved through it.

She was excited and SO cute about everything.

Brian works at the La Paloma Country Club with the Golf Course so we had to brave the 100+ heat for at least one photo on the green.

Love the squishy face.

A sweet kiss between Brian and his Mom.

Brian was a ball of emotion (one more reason I loved him as a groom) and as he opened his wedding gift from Sarah he fell apart.  This is his sister hugging him when he needed it.

Sarah putting on her wedding gift, custom designed earrings.

Brian walking his Grandma down the aisle.

Brian’s Father and Mother.

Sarah’s Brother and Mother.

Sarah’s brother escorted her down the aisle.

Did I mention Brian was emotional??  I have too many photos of him crying with joy that I could barely choose.

After their first kiss (above) I love that the embraced and savored the moment (below.)

Brian holding his bride after they departed the ceremony.  Stay tuned next week for more images and their best of slide show!

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  1. Tracey,

    You are so talented. I love your candid shots and you have such a good sense and eye for what to style and what not.


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