Brock and Sara have known one another a long time, they met in high school youth group but never really hung out.  Later though as they both choose University of Texas at Austin for college they were reconnected at one of Brock’s fraternity parties.  He asked her to the Texas – Oklahoma game sophomore year and now they have been dating 7 years!  They were engaged on their 7th anniversary, here is their proposal story:

“It was our 7 year anniversary and Brock told me we were going to get drinks and then go to dinner. So we were all dressed up and we show up and what I discovered was an apartment complex, and he said we were getting drinks on the roof. When we get to the top, he had pictures of us throughout the years lined up on the railing, and an aisle of candles with a sign at the end that said Brock and Sara. We were on top of South Side lofts, so we had a perfect view of the Dallas skyline, and he hired a photographer to take pictures while he was talking. Once he proposed our families popped out from hiding behind the side of the building!”


Their wedding next year at the Omni in Dallas with Meredith Commender of Significant Events is going to be amazing and I can’t wait!  This weekend 1 year to the day before they say I Do my team will be photographing their engagement party!



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