Rebecca & Mark {Enaged} at the McKinney Cotton Mill

Rebecca & Mark are getting married in Dallas next year and I can’ wait for their wedding!  Last Friday we got together at the McKinney Cotton Mill for their engagement session.  This time of year the weather is unpredictable (well, it is Texas so maybe I should say all year) and we couldn’t risk cold or rain as Mark lives in Washington DC and Rebecca lives here.  He flew in for the weekend so he could meet me and get close and cuddly with his woman in front of the camera.  It was awesome to meet Mark and we hit it off right away as we both have something in common, photography!  Mark loves photography and learned using film and the darkroom (like me!) so we were chatting it up from the very beginning of their shoot.  Their relationship has pretty much always been long distance with each of them taking turns flying across the nation every other week to spend time together.  They met years ago but sparks didn’t fly BUT when Mark came back for a visit he remembered Rebecca and asked his friend to invite her out.  It is history after that as these two are a perfect match, their families love them and so do I!  He is so sweet on her and her beauty is even more stunning when she smiles looking at him.  So lucky to photograph people in love.

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