Rachel & Andrew {Engagement Portraits} in Fort Worth, Texas

Rachel & Andrew live in New York City so I met them for the first time at their engagement session just a few days before Christmas.  It was great to finally get to meet them and learn about them.  I had a little idea about who they were because they sent me their proposal video.  Andrew is one smart chap who planned a sneaky surprise for Rachel.  Rachel was supposed to be going ice skating in central park, a perfectly normal thing (I guess if you are a New Yorker this is so) but while on her way he ambushed her with a serenade and a very important question.  I love that he sung an Adam Sandler song to her before asking for her hand, it gave me such great insight on them.  Rachel’s family flew to New York from Texas to be there and surprise her as well.  It was truly a romantic moment.  During their engagement session they taught me about some things from how tiny apartments are in Times Square and how having a cool apartment (that is big like Andrew’s) is something you don’t let go of.  They also gave me tips on finding public restrooms in NYC which is apparently a problem I was unaware of.  All in all the thing I learned that was most important was how much these two love each other.  They are practically silly in the most amazing ways and I can tell they were created to entertain each other the rest of their lives.  Can’t wait for their wedding this coming Fall!

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