Photos our clients LOVE to LOVE {and we love them too!}

“I love this photo because it was taken during my Dad’s speech. It is a candid shot that captures the joy in one of my favorite memories of the wedding!”

– Reagan

So often when I am photographing I immediately love an image.  I am right in the thick of the emotion and sometimes a photo is what will trigger that memory, moment and feeling forever.  I wanted to take some time out this Valentines Day to share some of my wedding clients favorite images from 2011.  We asked brides to tell us about their favorite images and why they love them.  It was awesome to see what they chose and to hear their kind words and fond memories.  I am excited about all the LOVEly photos I will be taking in the year ahead!

-Tracy Autem

“I love this picture because it captures the raw emotion from the ceremony perfectly. I enjoy remembering seeing this side of  my husband and how he was entirely in the moment throughout the ceremony.” – Brittani

{happy 2012 confetti + kisses}: I had always hoped in the back of my head that I would be able to have a New Years Eve wedding, and when I thought of how I wanted it to be, this image is exactly what I pictured; confetti, kisses, champagne, all our best friends and family, and lots and lots of fun and love. This picture totally captured my dream, and I think it embodies a pretty awesome New Years wedding, if I do say so myself 🙂” – Morgan

“This photo is amazing and we also have a canvas wrap of it.  What I also love about it is that it was one of the few “alone” moments that we had together on our amazing wedding day.  It really is hard to steal a few moments alone during the wedding, and while Tracy was working to get this perfect shot, Tj and I were really able to just be together and take in the fact that we were Mr. and Mrs.!” – Brandi

{jason as  a blowfish :)}: Since I wasn’t able to see Jason standing at the alter before I walked in/as I was walking in, I absolutely love this shot of him puffing his cheeks out. He said that he wasn’t nervous, just so anxious to see me. It’s always so sweet to watch the grooms reaction as his bride comes in, and I’m so glad the moment was captured for me to see!” – Morgan

“Because I love the facial expressions and we went to dance classes for months before the wedding. This pic captures what we learned! 🙂 (we are both horrible dancers!!)” – Monica

“This was taken during our first look in the few moments spent together before the ceremony. Tracy and her team are so talented and captured the moment perfectly. I love how it highlights the gorgeous architecture of the church and the lighting makes the photo so romantic!” – Reagan

“Love this one because Justin is never emotional and here he is caught wiping away a tear!!” – Nikki

“This picture is so great because it shows the beginning of us starting our life together and the end of the most incredible and unforgettable night of our lives. So symbolic and special to think what that moment meant and how amazing everything about it really was I love it.” – Audra

” My whole life I have dreamed about the moment when my Daddy would walk me down the isle and give me away. This picture brings tears to my eyes every time I look at it.” – Aimee

“Photographed in the Stockyards it is a true Texas backdrop. Fort Worth is where we met and fell in love and the photo reminds me of all the fun and excitement leading up to the wedding!” – Reagan

{alter kiss}: This is the exact best moment of our lives to date. Growing up girls always dream about their weddings and their grooms, and I am blessed enough to be married to my best friend and to have had the absolute wedding of my dreams, in a beautiful church with our best friends and family. It was absolute perfection.” – Morgan

“The creativity of having us stand on hay bales was amazing! Such a cool idea! ” – Monica

“Love this because he NEVER smiles for pictures!! He days it has to be a “action shot” for him to be smiling, Tracy caught him;)” – Nikki

“This is just one of our all time favorite photos of us.  It is such a natural shot and my husband’s hugs are something that I am absolutely addicted to.”

– Brandi

“I remember this feeling so well… Just being amazed at the day and what it meant to us. This picture shows what we both felt and the true love between us I love it.” – Audra

“We just love this photo so much.  This was such a special moment in the ceremony-the one where my father has just given my hand to my husband.  And him giving a quick kiss just melts my heart.” – Brandi

“The smiles say it all! So excited to be married!” – Monica

“This picture always brings a smile to our faces because even though the ceremony was very emotional, at the reception everyone was able to let loose and truly celebrate us becoming a family. We like to think we have bragging rights for throwing such a fun party. It reminds us of what a blast we had at our reception.” – Brittani

“This picture represents everything I wanted  our wedding to be. A complete celebration of our love and how special it is. I love looking at this picture and putting myself right back in that moment. Just genuine love and excitement for each other it means everything to me.” – Audra

“I can see the happiness and excitement on both of our faces because we had just been pronounced husband and wife!” – Aimee

“We just love this picture because it is true art. It is a gorgeous display of love and the calm before the party started and is true artwork on our wall.”

– Brittani

“Me with my first valentine.  One of my favs because my dad doesn’t believe in the theatrics of a big wedding ceremony, but the expression on his face says differently ;)” – Nikki

“This picture makes me so happy! All of ours friends are dancing and having such a great time celebrating!” – Aimee

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