Last week I finally got to meet Olivia & Bobby and I just adored getting to know this laid back couple.  These two may be from different states but life brought them to DFW and then they were perfectly thrown together one night in Dallas:

“We first met in January of 2016 at a bar in Dallas. We were both out with a few of our own friends, and we all ended up meeting and joining together for the rest of the night. Bobby and I had exchanged phone numbers and had texted a few times for the next couple of weeks. I agreed to meet up with him for a drink in February and we ended up having such a fun night and got along really well. We have been together ever since!”

I love that even though neither of them lived in Dallas they met and fell in love there and are now planning their future and the wedding day here in Fort Worth.  Bobby had a great proposal for his favorite girl in the world.  I love how Olivia tells it:

“Bobby and I went up to Indiana to visit my family and go to our lakehouse for his birthday in July. That Friday, we were going on a cocktail cruise around the lake with my family and grandparents and stopped at an island on the lake because my mom had told us she wanted to take family pictures. We got out of the boat and started taking pictures, then Bobby started telling a story and proposed! There were confetti canons, signs, bells, and champagne all hidden on the boat and we celebrated the rest of the way home. The next day, all of my cousins and aunts and uncles came up to the lake and we had an engagement party with the whole family.”

Congrats you two and can’t wait for your fall wedding next year!



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