Mr. & Mrs. Reggie London

        Last weekend I had the privilege to work with this amazing couple. Njeri and Reggie are such sweeties. Their families are so amazingly supportive and from the getting ready at her Fathers home to the customs that even Reggie’s family took part in you could just tell that they all love these two.

        Njeri’s family is from Kenya so they has so many great moments through out the day from bolts of purple fabric laid before her as she walked leaving her home, his family coming and accepting her and escorting her, to the traditional songs sung through out the day. It was so very cool to see it all and the colors and energy were awesome!

        Their wedding was at East Dallas Christian Church followed by an afternoon reception at the Scottish Ryte Cathedral and a party there that went all night! Here are some moments of their day along with the slide show.

        November 15, 2008



        This is the very best picture I have seen and a very long time theyare breathtaking

        That was amazing! They are such a beautiful couple and the pictures reflected that perfectly!

        Absolutely Breathtaking!!