one word - Steamy
        one word - Steamy

        I adore Sarah and Evan.  Sarah has been working with me for a little over 2 years now and she is such a blessing both to my life and this company.  She has taken part in countless bride’s special days and this day was hers.  I know she had a ton of expectations and hopes that it would be fabulous like so many of the girls we work with and I believe she had her perfect day.  That is not to say there weren’t any hiccups, all weddings have them, but she accepted them with the grace of a bride, enjoyed her sweetie and had a great time.  Funnily enough I think Evan was stressing about the little things more than her!  I thought the day could not be better and I teared up with her right before the ceremony but had to suck it up so I could photograph her day.  I hope you guys are as pleased with the images as I am.  I feel I captured the spirit of your day, your love and your families.  Usually I try to limit my blog image posts to 20 or so but just couldn’t with this one, girl you mean to much so much to me I could seriously blog 100!  I won’t do that though but here are many of my favorites and my feelings about them and of course their amazing wedding day slide show.

        Love you both, I pray you have a long, happy and God filled marriage.

        I am going to start and end with some of their AMAZING romantics, we did a first look AND shot at sunset after the wedding so we had so many great ones.  Then in the middle share in the moments of their day.  Enjoy!

        Sarah and Evan wanted something special for thier getaway so I worked some magic with one of our portrait clients and swung this sweet classic car for them. Thanks to Casey Stump and her Dad for blessing them with this amazing ride! (oh, and don't they look hot in front of it!)
        Love those about to kiss moments, ahhhhhh.
        Evan proposed to Sarah at Lake Grapevine so it is the perfect back drop to some of their portraits. I love locations with meaning!
        Sarah wore these fabulous blue flats while her girls rocked some cherry red shoes.
        Sarah Rizy doubling as second shooter and friend as she takes Evan’s gift from Sarah to deliver to the groom.
        Evan’s brother removing something from his coat, a funny looking moment but sweet.
        Loved this makeup shot, a bit differnt but me like.
        LOVE. The ribbon is just floating, ah-mazing.
        Me getting in on the fun and tying the bow just right for Sarah, I had to be a friend and not just a photographer.
        Making sure everything was just right before seeing Evan for the first time.
        I always love the big goofy grins grooms make when they see thier bride.
        Adore, Love, Obsessed with this image. Perfect light, the moment before a hot kiss and two people in love = Perfection.


        Scrunched up faces are cute.
        This is my kind of detail.
        Sarah is a big fan of the fish eye lens and this is one reason I am too. A fun spin on a looking at the camera shot.
        Sexy girls!
        Uber cool guys!
        Sweet moment in prayer during the ceremony. (by Sarah Rizy)
        THE kiss.
        One of my favorite shots I have ever taken right after the ceremony. Here is Sarah and Evan's Mothers just enjoying the moment with the bride, it just speaks volumes about the joy they were feeling.


        Some first dance action (by Sarah Rizy)
        Eating cake is fun! Sarah smashed Evan a bit but he behaved and was nice in return. What a gentleman.
        A hug from the best man, Evan's brother, after a funny and heart felt toast.
        Sarah, Me and my new little one, Alexander! Only 3 and 1/2 weeks old at the time.
        Watch out, the garter is like a sling shot!
        Alone at last
        by Sarah Rizy
        The very last shot I took that day and one of my favorites. I love the perspective on it.

        January 28, 2010



        Beautiful couple, great location, gorgeous images. Congratulations!

        Beautiful!! You captured so many amazing moments from their day! I especially love the “scrunched up face” one and one of them in the back seat of the car. 🙂

        Oh how I adore a bride and groom with killer style. And you guys captured them beautifully! Great work!

        Awesome job Tracy! You rock as always. Glad I could be a part of your day Sarah!

        Absolutely beautiful photos Tracy! Sarah and Evan are adorable! The color and FUN just jump out here! I love the photos on the dock!