Mr. & Mrs. Delone Williams

On 6.7.08 Tiana married Delone Williams in Dallas Texas and Sarah and I were lucky enough to capture their day. We started our day off shooting in a hotel in downtown as the two went through all their preparations. They had their bachelor and bachelorete parties the night before and all their friends had joined them at the hotel. After a limo ride to the church (I drove but Sarah got to ride with the guys!) these two were married and then back up town to the Trammel Crow Center for their reception.

Here are some of our favorite pictures of their day:

Super Sexy Earings and Shoes! Tiana passed on the traditional white shoes and wore these caramel colored alligator heels. Loved them!

What a good looking crew!He was so nervous walking down the aisle but you never would have know it at the end of the night. He was a dancing fool!

Married at Last!

The Trammel Crow Center served awesome food (Loved the fish!) and the couple used their engagement pictures on these cute incense bottles they gave to their guests.

They danced the night away at the reception. It was so much fun seeing all of their families hit the floor. All generations where out there laughing and having an awesome time. The DJ kept it going all night with some of the best hip hop mixes I have ever heard.