Morgan & Walt {Married} Robert Carr Chapel & The Colonial Country Club

Morgan and Walt were married on March 19th at Robert Carr Chapel with a beautiful reception at The Colonial Country Club.  You can’t go wrong with two such amazing venues and Morgan lined up an unbeatable team of vendors.  Morgan purchased her gown at De Ma Fille in Fort Worth while she found her bridesmaids dresses at Bella Bridesmaid.  Her classic white bouquet and colorful floral was provided by Lexa’s of Fort Worth.  The reception was fueled by the music of Pardi Gras and delicious cakes by Creme de la Creme (brides cake) & The Cake Guys (grooms cake.)  Our favorite video team joined us for the ceremony, Turquoise Productions, and Romantic Remembrances provided classic transportation at the end of the night.

Their wedding day was all about the moments and I have to say I was SO happy with the little things I captured from Walt’s nervous wave to me before entering the chapel while behind the screen Morgan and her Daddy held hands and had a laugh.  It was a day that brought a smile to my face.  Enjoy!

Morgan hugging on her brother Reid

Morgan teaches Pilates so this impromptu pose while getting into her dress was oh so appropriate.

I adored my Grandfather so this intimate moment made my heart melt.

Walt was excited to be marrying his bride.  Smiling at her Dad and then giving me a quick wave right before the ceremony.

Morgan and her Daddy, love these types of moments.  Every girl needs alone time with her Dad before she gets married.

Hey, Dad….you didn’t fall!  He kept saying that was his only worry about the day.  Dad did good giving his daughter away.

A kiss is one way to celebrate, a better way is a good high five!

Allot of the men above are involved in the big world of football….love the football references on the left.

First dance and some killer light.   Ahhh.

Monica and Steven are another one of my couples getting married in June!

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  1. I love the landscape shot of the groom outside. I love that its different, and I think it’s more relaxed in a way because of the composition, but at the same time, well thought out. Beautiful work as usual!


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