Morgan & Walt {Engaged} in Dallas at Turtle Creek & Arlington Hall

Morgan and Walt met up with me in Dallas last week for their engagement session.  They live right off Turtle Creek and wanted photos there and by Arlington Hall as it is their home.  Morgan is a Fort Worth girl though so next year in March they will be getting married at Robert Carr Chapel at TCU with a reception at The Colonial Country Club.  It was great getting to meet Walt and learning more about them both.  Morgan is a Pilate instructor but has a background in accounting and finance.  Walt is a referee for the Big 12, such a cool job!  He does have a “real” job too but I think the ref one is a tad cooler.  These two have know each other for a VERY long time because their Dad’s work together.  I love when relationships grow out of casual acquaintance and I think it is awesome that their families are already so close.  Can’t wait to see you both again in a few months for your wedding!

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