Morgan {Model Bride} Robert Carr Chapel & The Colonial Country Club

Morgan was married this month so I can finally share a few of her bridal portraits.  I think sitting on photos that I love and want the world to see must be one of the hardest parts of my job.  I am not good at secrets so it drives me nuts when I cant share.  Morgan and her Mom met up with me at The Colonial Country Club for her bridal session and we also visited Robert Carr.  She wanted to spend time in her gown in places that her wedding would be so she could feel more comfortable with me and also the locations.  We had beautiful light and so much fun.  Her Mom cracked me up as she ran around Robert Carr counting the pews and thinking about how they would get their 333 guests in the chapel.  It was tight but we definitely managed on the wedding day.  Morgan’s Dad joined us at the end to see her all dressed up.  It was such a great time to get to know her family before the wedding and I felt so connected to them all at the wedding.  Wedding photos coming very soon!

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