Melanie Jane & Dave – Wedding & First look at Robert Carr Chapel with reception at Fort Worth Club

 I LOVE the above photo.  The clouds, their faces, the tall grass, ohhhhh it is scrumptious.  SO many photos from Melanie Jane & Dave’s wedding day had me swooning behind my camera.  From the moment they first embraced int he chapel until they departed in the limo love radiated from them.  Enjoy more of their Fort Worth Wedding and Reception with their best of slide show:

Seeing each other for the first time in Robert Carr Chapel on Texas Christian University’s Campus.

Look at how she looks at him.  It’s perfect.

Sweet hugs make me giggle and grin behind my camera, love this moment.

The chapel looked so elegant with white rose petals lining the aisle and the bright colored pew decor by Tami Winn Events.

After the ceremony on the way to the reception we stopped off at one of my city fields.  I love them because they are on the way, not out of the way and it fits with this couple so well.

Welcoming the Mr & Mrs with a napkin in the air, let the party begin!!!

As Melanie Jane’s Dad prayed for dinner he had all his guests join hands, I loved this touch.  It made it feel like a family meal.

Full of laughs while they were cutting their cake.

Melanie Jane’s sister with her husband standing by toasting the couple.

Dave’s best man toasting the couple.

Melanie Jane’s Dad toasting and sharing a very sweet toast.  It even brought his wife to tears.

I I love her face as her Dad twirls her.

One of my favorite photos I have taken on the dance floor lately.  Quiet and romantic amongst all their guests.

Damany of iEntertainment dancing to single ladies with Melanie Jane’s Dad before the bouquet toss.

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