Meghan & Cody – Upscale Engagement Portraits at the Gainesville Airport & Private Ranch Land

I have been sitting on these photos for weeks and it has been tearing me apart!  Meghan and Cody were married this past Saturday and we had been keeping this second engagement session in Gainesville a secret.  They were married at Bass Hall and Tami Winn and the bride came up with a unique idea for the entrance.  Red carpet treatment with a step and repeat and of course now playing posters.  For those posters we needed a spectacular image so we headed to the airport where Cody’s plane and a stunning red dress made for a dramatic image.  We also stopped by his families ranch land for some images with hay bales and open fields.  I love the images SO much and I just adore this couple.  It was a true privilege to photograph their wedding and I can’t wait to share photos from it in the upcoming weeks.

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