Megan & Austin Engaged!

        This was a fun one! I drove on down to Cleburne a couple weeks ago and got to check it all out downtown and see tons of cool fields and old barns with Megan and Austin. Talk about fate – both their families own land practically on top of each other but it took a tragedy in their lives to bring them together. After an untimely loss of a friend Megan found that Austin was the thing that kept bringing a smile to her face and then they became what they are today.

        Both their families raise cattle and the two even have cows together so we headed out and took images all over both their families properties. It was so fun and I have to say I can see how Austin kept her smiling because these two had me laughing harder than I have in a long time. They even brought me diet coke, cookies and smarties! (yum)

        Here are some of my favorites and their engagement slide show!I loved this cool old red barn and all the hay right outside it. How lucky am I?

        We had an amazing blue sky !
        What is that way off in the distance? Cows! 🙂
        Die hard fans, even during a rough season. Go Cowboys!
        Megan loves sunsets so I was glad we were able to get such a great one that day. These shots are some of my favorites and I hope they always remind them of the great big sun and amazing moment when Austin proposed in a field not too different from this one. Enjoy you two and congratulations!

        November 11, 2008