Madeline & Andrew had such a special day full of tear jerking emotion. These two know how to love deeply and not just each other but EVERY person in their lives. They are surrounded with deep friendships, life long friends, loving family and supportive parents. The two most touching moments of the day were when Madeline revealed herself to her Daddy and Andrew. The kind words of thankfulness and love for her Father's devotion, hard work and caring for her through all adversity brought everyone in the room to tears (Marc the videographer and I were a mess!) When her Dad said she looked like her Mother we all lost it - I know Madeline carries with her the grace, spunk and energy of her dear Mom. When Madeline walked into the courtyard to see Andrew he was SO excited. Being apart from one another is so hard and they both just fell into each others arms and were so happy to be together. Their day was truly beautiful and full of raw emotion.

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