Lindsey & Jason {Married} Part 1 – Romantics, Portraits & Detals at The Piazza in the Village

OH how I loved this wedding and how I super duper really love this couple.  I was truly blessed to be at Lindsey & Jason’s wedding last Friday at The Piazza in the Village.  I cried allot, laughed, and just had FUN!  Today I am going to focus on all Lindsey’s feathery details and of course their portraits.  The above image is my absolute favorite from their day.  Lindsey wanted to go for a look she had seen before in a photograph featuring George Clooney.  She looks at Jason and tells him to be George, no pressure there!  I think he nailed it though, he is more smooth than George any day in this photo.  How could he not be?  With such a gorgeous wife to share the photo with….

Yes, there were feathers.  Everywhere!  From her shoes to her bouquet and MANY feather balls.

Lindsey alone in the chapel before the ceremony, she is SO glamorous.


Lindsey & Jason are a bit theatrical and I love that their bridal party was up for a bit of fun.  The girls faces just make me giggle.

Lindsey is a do it yourself kinda girl.  These fabulously fun feather balls were made by her!

I like all chubby birds and especially penguins.  These cute cake toppers were on the couples sweetheart table.  They were just begging to be a prop for a ring photo.

Lindsey made this fabulous sign, so true.  The beginning of a very amazing life as husband and wife.

After the wedding was completely over I followed the couple to their hotel for some more romantic photos.

Love all of Lindsey’s little things.

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