Courtney & Adam

Lighting your Wedding Reception

Trinity River Audubon Center

The sun has set and it's time to celebrate after months of planning. As it gets dark the most important thing for great photos and guest impact becomes lighting. With over 17 years of wedding experience you know I will have all the tools to create good light but what can you do while planning?

Adding lighting elements into your wedding design will have the biggest impact on how your guests experience the entire space. Beautiful floral without pin spotting can get lost in a dark space, where you guests can't even enjoy it. Walls can look bland and limiting without a color wash or uplight. And your dance floor definitely needs some fun lighting to set the vibe! When working on your reception design with the planner, florist and other vendors ask how could lighting aid the overall look.

You can also consider creative lighting elements like Courtney & Adam did at their wedding reception at the natural and modern Trinity River Audubon Center. They utilized string lights indoor and out to add dimension, romantic feelings and visual interest. Other options might be installing chandeliers or a creative installation with floral and lighting. Lean on your wedding planner for their expertise and remember that you can always ask me for my input because of love some beautiful light!

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