Lauren & Randy {Engaged} Fort Worth Stock Yards and Urban Walls

Lauren & Randy are getting married this August and it is going to just be fabulous.  They have a great venue lined up, Fort Worth Club, a really gorgeous dress from Bliss Bridal and are honestly just really great people.  Their session was my first chance to meet Randy and I can totally see why Lauren fell so hard for him.  Randy is a complete whoot and had me laughing throughout the session.  He brings that playful side out in Lauren and he makes her smile and giggle and of course put her hand in his face (my favorite move from their shoot!)  I think I like them SO much because the remind me of my husband and I, he is so silly like Randy and he helps me to let loose.  Us girls need men in our lives to keep us young with lots of laughter and bring us joy.  I know this couple has MANY years to come of silly faces, laughs and tender moments.  Can’t wait for the wedding!

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